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Reopen for Business

My Dad’s zip code has 48 infections.

My zip code has 52.

Baytown has 79 infections.

H-Town has 3,613.

50 folks from Texas died from COVID-19 on Wednesday.

We are reopening parts of the economy today.

No thanks.  I will stick to the essentials.

What is happening in the state of Michigan is further proof that history will not be kind to the GOP during Pandemic 2020.  How do you excuse storming the state capitol fully armed? Shameful.

From Royko on my trash bin lease thing yesterday:

Why doesn’t anyone ask why so much time and effort is wasted on recycling when they just dump the recycle trucks at the trash transfer stations to be dumped into the landfill. Isn’t this an ongoing fraud upon the taxpayers?

I thought we had fixed that.  Maybe Royko knows something I don’t.

Commentary has a few Willie Nelson albums on vinyl.  I went and checked out Texas Monthly’s ranking of Willie’s albums and I do have the number two album, “Red Headed Stranger.”

The Cinco de Mayo Parade was supposed to be held tomorrow.

Have a safe weekend.

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