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The Draconian Word

My good buddy, Rice political scientist Bob Stein said this in a lengthy Chron interview this past weekend about the push for voting by mail:

The Democrats should be careful what they wish for. If we ramp up voting by mail, we disenfranchise relatively more Democratic voters. Most of them don’t know how to vote by mail, have never done it before, are likely to make mistakes, don’t stay at the same residence, and won’t get a ballot.

I disagree.  I don’t know if Bob has ever voted by mail.  I have.  I find it easier than voting on the gizmos. When your mail ballot arrives, there is a set of easy to read instructions in different languages.  Depending on the number of races and candidates, you get a big arse sheet or sheets that you go through and mark. The big challenge is remembering to stick it in two envelopes and signing the back.

Over the past few weeks, I have watched intensely everything that is going on here, there and everywhere.  We have a virus in our midst that we don’t know how to stop.  Billions are being spent on trying to find treatments.  Billions are being spent trying to get folks tested.  Billions are being spent trying to develop a vaccine.  If you get it and survive, we don’t if you are immune to the virus down the road.

Close to a million in the USA have been infected and over 54,000 have died.

If someone close to you gets it and has to check into the ER, you only get to see them in person when they are well enough to be sent home.  If they don’t make it, you don’t get to be there for their final moments to hold their hands and tell them a final goodbye.

Social distancing, a term I had never heard of until a few weeks ago, is a reason infections and deaths are not higher.  A lot of folks aren’t venturing out, places are closed and people to people contact has been greatly reduced.

If we would have gone the Lt. Governor Dan Patrick route and kept everything open, a whole lot more people would have gotten infected, our health care systems would have exploded and collapsed.   A lot more people would have died.  What is so hard about this to understand?

Scientists and public health experts say that the virus comes out of the mouth of an infected person when they talk and then it hangs around in the air looking for another mouth or nose to jump into.

In order to help stop the spread, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo issued an order for folks to wear masks when out in public.  The head of the Houston Police Officers Union called her order draconian.  What is so draconian about not wanting to get sick?

Chron columnist Erica Grieder had a column yesterday on Judge Hidalgo’s order and the negative reaction she got from some GOP types.

Commentary will say it again.  When historians look back at Pandemic 2020 in the USA, they are not going to look kindly at a sizeable chunk of the GOP leadership in the USA and Texas.

We have all played fast and loose in the past with the term draconian, Commentary included. I went and looked up the definition of draconian and it has to do with a severe set of laws, harsh and cruel.  I don’t think having to wear a mask fits the definition.

Fully opening up the economy right now, increasing infections, more folks getting sick, straining our health care system, and watching the body count rise, now that probably fits the definition of draconian.

I watched “What’s Your Point” yesterday and they piled on Judge Hidalgo over her order.  Commentary will say it again.  How come folks haven’t been able to buy a mask here in the H-Town area for weeks now? Why are folks lining up to get the free masks? I was disappointed host Greg Groogan never got around to asking his panelists about taking a few tablespoons of Lysol for the COVID-19 cure.

Channel 2’s General Manager Jerry Martin this morning in his editorial came out and endorsed Judge Hidalgo’s order.  Get on the program, folks.

I am sure it gets tiring for the Donald Trump supporters when try to defend the sh_t that falls out of his mouth.  Like last Thursday, when he talked about ingesting disinfectant.  Here is what Royko sent me Friday after my Lysol and Trump take:

I watched the briefing, and did not take it that way. He was generalizing, and broadly suggesting that there were more findings of applications of existing chemicals that might have a similar antiseptic action on the virus.

If he truly wanted to harm the anti-American obstructionists and anarchists, the body count would have been a lot higher.

Get concerned the moment there is a triggering event where either side declares that it’s time for a purge.

Ok. Thank you.

Friday morning, Trump’s press office said Trump’s remarks were taken out of context.

A few hours later, Trump said he was being sarcastic.  He wasn’t.

Still, folks like Royko are made to look (pick your facial emoji). Constantly.

I have nothing to say about the H-Town City Council Member who compared his actions to those of Rosa Parks.  Words aren’t necessary when a fella makes himself a national laughingstock.

Last Friday was supposed to be my scheduled appointment to get my hair cut.   It didn’t happen.  I have an electric beard trimmer in my possession, so a buzz cut is definitely an option at some point.  We will see what happens.

We have missed 28 regular season games. 16 of them at The Yard.


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