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Everyone knows Commentary is from Baytown.  Baytown is close to the San Jacinto Battleground.  We were taught at an early age what happened at the San Jacinto Battleground on April 21, 1836.  Commentary will be one of the very few here in the H-Town area who gives a shout out to San Jacinto Day.  They don’t teach it anymore these days and that’s sad.

Governor Andrew Cuomo will pay a visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today.  The Governor is too savvy of a politician to let himself be used as a photo op.

The Texas Tribune and Propublica put out a story yesterday about officials knowing that the spread was coming and still kept the Rodeo open.   They should have shut it down earlier.  Everybody knows that.

Of course, right now, the H-Town area faces other challenges.  We are getting clobbered for sure.

Wasn’t it just a week or so ago that a hearing was held on cutting production of oil in Texas?

I filled up my tank in Baytown Friday and I used my Kroger fuel points for 50 cents off per gallon and I ended paying 87 cents per gallon.  I took pictures of the price per gallon on the pump and the total I paid, like $10 for 11 ½ gallons of gas.  I thought about tweeting the photos over the past weekend, but I felt I would be rubbing it in to an industry that is key to the H-Town economy.  Heck, I grew up in a house – where my Dad still lives – that is three blocks form the world’s seventh largest refinery.  After the price of oil hit two cents a barrel yesterday, I didn’t feel so bad about posting the photos.

Speaking of Baytown, La Isla, was the nickname of the ‘hood where I grew up.  I have a lid with La Isla on it along with one of the City of Baytown’s symbols – The Big Oak Tree on Texas Avenue.  The tree is also in Senate District 6 along with a part of the San Jacinto Battleground. If I have to venture out today, I will wear the lid.


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