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Quit the Gym

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his daily chat is the Democrats’ response to the State of the Daily Sh_tshow.   Governor Cuomo has stepped up and demonstrated how to deal with a crisis.   He is effective because he comes across as speaking for all of the country’s governors – Democratic and Republican alike. His demeanor is very non-partisan which is what is needed during a global crisis.  The fact that he is one of our country’s most notable Democrats, makes it even better.  Donald Trump, meanwhile, plays the partisan card time and time again throughout this crisis.

I don’t get those that say where is former Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Governor Cuomo is carrying our Party’s flag for now, doing an impressive job, and representing the Democratic Party well.

I had to give up my gym membership this past Friday.  I’ll be honest.  I haven’t been going much the last year and a half because of work and spending time in Baytown.  I went online to see about cancelling and the club had a cancellation link ready.  I appreciate that they weren’t trying to hide the ball and make it hard to cancel.

I read Governor Greg Abbott’s whatever plan Friday and opening gyms with social distancing would be in one of the opening phases.  How do you do that?  How many times at the gym have you gone to one of the weight machines and it is damp with the prior user’s sweat and you have to wipe it off?  Unless they figure out a way to self-sterilize the machine after every use, I am not going.  I usually went during non-peak times to avoid the crowds.  Monday nights were the worse, so how are they going to control how many folks they allow.  A lottery system?  Online appointments?  I joined in 1997 and I kind of felt bad about quitting.  I thought about staying thinking my monthly dues were helping take care of an employee, but that is probably not the case.  I will return when they develop a vaccine.

It is a crying shame to watch the images of health care workers in their scrubs confronting the dumbarse stay-at-home protesters.

A ton of folks were laughing at the Florida GOP Governor because he didn’t put on his mask the correct way a couple or so days ago.   I am not one to poke fun. I stumbled upon a mask here at my place (how it got here I do not know) about 10 days or so ago.  It took a while to figure out how to slip it on.

The order online and pick-up works as well as you can expect.  I had another experience this past weekend.  Everybody is trying.  I am not going to complain.

Ditto for the current state of online ordering and shipping.  I am still waiting on some items.

Commentary has been a pay-by-cash fella for the most part.  Groceries, takeout, and other stuff.  Not anymore.

We have missed 21 regular season games.

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