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Empty Yards

Dr. Anthony Fauci said yesterday that sports could be played without fans. Interesting.  You know MLB is going to pounce on this.  They are probably going over protocols for playing in empty yards.  Their only main revenue source would be TV, radio and some online.  They could sell a few tickets and have a handful of fans per section.  Distribute the sale of tickets through a lottery with season ticket holders guaranteed a percentage of the spots.   They could have a limited number of primitive concession options like peanuts, hots dogs, nachos and popcorn and you would order your grub and Saint Arnold through an app and pick up at a designated time to avoid running into other fans.  They would only have a tiny fraction of normal concession employees.  It is still a bad idea.  Commentary would not attend.  I would watch them on the flat screen or listen on the radio.

I can only speak for MLB because they have been getting a lot of my dough since 1994.  I love going to the games in part because of all the fans that attend.  I love feeling the energy, the cheering, the booing, groaning, dancing, singing, the homemade signs fans bring and the heartbreaks.  Even when we had those 100-plus loss seasons where 10,000 and change would show up on weeknights, we still had fun.  It is an experience that I have enjoyed.  You are not going to enjoy it when only a focus group shows up.

We may not have a season.  Yesterday, the Mayors of Los Angeles and New York said not to count on events with big crowds this year.  That means the Angels, Chargers, Clippers, Dodgers, Lakers and Rams in LA of the big three sports and the Giants, Jets, Knicks, Mets, Nets, and Yankees in the Big Apple.

I am certain the owners didn’t like hearing what the Mayors said yesterday.  The owners are used to having their way.  The owners are used to getting their way. It is going to be interesting to hear what the Harris County Judge, the H-Town Mayor, the Dallas County Judge, the Dallas Mayor, the Arlington Mayor, and the Tarrant County Judge have to say about large crowds.

If the Mayors of LA and New York are staking out this position, it is only a matter of time before the other big city mayors make similar statements.

We are all practicing social distancing.  Many of us are on a higher alert status when it comes to our surroundings when we venture out.  If COVID-19 is still active, do you want to go to Minute Maid, NRG and Toyota along with thousands of other folks?  It wouldn’t make sense.

When they study the pandemic years from now, hopefully folks will be talking about the resiliency of the people across the globe – except for Texas conservatives.   Check this headline from HoustonChronicle.com:

Texas conservatives call stay-at-home orders ‘tyranny.’

Texas Conservatives:  We surrender!

They were the folks on the Titanic who were running over children to get on the lifeboats.  Panic has definitely set in.

Royko sent me this yesterday:

Why would Trump accept any endorsement from Jeb!’s brother, former Globalist President 43? Bush never tried to confront the Washington “swamp dwellers.” Time will tell if any endorsement from Obama will help “sleepy Joe.”

I wonder if Royko knows that 5.2 million folks filed for unemployment this week here in the USA.

I am sure some folks saw the 91-year old woman who had her photo taken at her window with a handwritten sign asking for beer as she held a can of Coors Light.  Coors sent her 150 cans.  That’s 6 24-packs and a six pack.

My 96-year old Dad keeps Coors Light in the fridge, also Michelob Ultra, Miller Light, Bud Light, Modelo, Tecate and Tecate Light on a rotating basis.

Selena would be 49 today.  I miss her.

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