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We’re Number 2

Happy Birthday today to my “cuz” and good friend, State Rep. Christina Morales!

What a time to celebrate a birthday.

It says a ton when the folks who work for Donald Trump won’t push back against the New York Times story where they dropped the ball on responding to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Dr. Anthony Fauci confirmed the story yesterday on CNN.

The USA leads the universe in COVID-19 cases.  I’m tired of winning.

I am sure Gov. Greg Abbott is a little disappointed this morning.  He is probably a bit perturbed why we aren’t leading the nation for being the lousiest state on COVID-19 testing.  We are runner-up.  Sigh.

We’re number 2!  We’re number 2.

I guess that is acceptable to the Governor.  Double sigh.

Here is from Saturday’s Chron:

Gov. Greg Abbott will unveil plans next week to restart the shuttered Texas economy, insisting that measures can be taken to “protect lives while restoring livelihoods.”

“We can do both,” he said in a briefing, without providing details.

Here is from an Op-Ed in Saturday’s Chron:

The Texas Tech University medical system, with four hospitals, is bracing for a peak that is only now building, according to Dr. Steven Berk, an infectious disease specialist and dean of the medical school. Their model calls for 450 people to be hospitalized by late May in Lubbock alone, with 130 needing ventilators. Right now only a dozen are on ventilators here, he told me. So far, the hospital system seems like it will cope, if only barely.

Open for business?  Let’s see.  We have the second worse testing rate in the country.  What a joke!  We can’t do both!

Meanwhile, the experts are saying we are a couple of weeks from the spike here in Texas.

The Chron on their website had their 100 best movie or TV soundtracks to listen do while you are at home.  I have a few on vinyl or CDs like “The Graduate”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “The Sting”, “Help”, “Hard Day’s Night”, “Yellow Submarine”, “Let It Be”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Shaft”, “Love Story” and “Woodstock”.  They listed “Mama Mia” and I don’t have the soundtrack, but I put it on every time it airs.  Omissions that I would have included are “The Wind and the Lion”, “Papillon”, “Serpico”, “The Godfather”, “Somewhere in Time”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and “Notting Hill”  to name a few.  They had the 1998 “Godzilla” on the list – huh? The top pick was “Sound of Music” and you can’t argue with that.  I don’t have the soundtrack, but I was in the musical in my senior year in high school and I know most of the words to the tunes.

Here is an easy one, what movie mentioned above has a tune with this line?

“Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about?”

Answer: Shaft, can you dig it.

My car insurance company said they were going to give us a rebate because not a whole lot of folks are driving around.  I did a quick calculation.  My rebate comes to about $38.

Anavid Reyes is now handling traffic duty for Channel 2 morning news.

MLB went back to the drawing board and says they are going to come back with a plan to move forward where all players, umpires, coaches, concessionaires, ushers, and fans would wear HAZMAT gear.  Orbit, who is from the Foul Territory of the Grand Slam Galaxy, is immune to COVID-19, so he don’t have to wear HAZMAT gear.

We have missed 15 regular season games.  Right now we would be 12-3.



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