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A grim stat I just saw on CNN.  41% of COVID-19 deaths in Michigan are African Americans.  They are 14% of the population.

I saw a stat about Louisiana yesterday.  70% of their COVID-19 deaths are African Americans.  They are 32% of the population.

The Texas GOP State Comptroller told Ross Ramsey of the Trib that we were in a recession.  He also said that a Special Legislative Session dealing with budget issues probably wasn’t necessary and reminded us that January 2021 will be upon us soon enough.

I fully understand why some folks don’t want CNN and others to air live the daily briefings.  We all know the drill.  Mike Pence says Donald Trump’s leadership is making a difference.  Donald Trump takes credit for anything good that happens.  They absolutely do not take any responsibility for anything that has gone wrong.  They assign blame on governors, mayors, the media, China, ungrateful corporations and the President Barack Obama administration.  They lie.

PPE shortages, ventilator shortages, the lack of preparedness, that’s not their fault.  In fact, they think we have everything that we need.  When we do run out, they will assign blame elsewhere.

When reporters ask the tough questions, Trump resorts to bullying the reporters.  If they are female and of color, he will use the nasty word.

Trump likes the briefing because a lot of folks are watching.  A lot of folks are at home and some are closely following this event.

To those that want CNN and others to stop airing them, chill.  What is important right now is that we get through this pandemic – doing our part.

In Commentary’s book, the damage has been done.  Donald Trump and his folks were ill-prepared for what happened.  There is video and documentation to support this.  Plus, there is a growing body count.

He was at the helm when this happened.  He ignored the warning signs.  He mocked the warning signs.

Our lives have changed dramatically.  Folks know this.

Now he is grasping for the miracle cure.  We all know that is not how it works.

As far as Commentary is concerned, he just keeps looking like the biggest buffoon on the planet.

On a similar note, it is mind boggling, baffling and downright dangerous that the Wisconsin GOP is shoving an election down the throats of their voters during this pandemic.  Who in their right mind does this?

Trump said yesterday that the program to help out businesses was going great.  He said all the banks are taking care of folks.  Here is what my bank sent me yesterday:

We want to provide a quick update to you as we approach the launch of our online Paycheck Protection Program site.

First, we’ve been working diligently around the clock to develop and launch our application site and are working to have it available as soon as possible this week. When the site becomes available, we will send you an email with a link to apply.

For details about program eligibility, loan forgiveness and more, view our PPP overview. You may also wish to visit the SBA website for additional information.

We recommend that you begin collecting the information you’ll need to apply. View a SAMPLE PPP borrowers form and review this Documents Needed to Apply list to identify the information you’ll need to enter online when you apply. The sample form is to be used as a guide only. You do not need to complete that form. You will enter your information online when you apply.

Thank you again for your patience. We want to assure you we understand the difficult times you are facing and are committed to helping you and your business. 

Got it?

Gasoline prices are low.  Too bad I can’t take advantage.

MLB is in discussions with the Players Association to start the season as early as next month in Arizona at the empty spring training ball parks and Chase Field.  What a stupid idea.

Hall of Fame great Al Kaline left us yesterday.  Mr. Tiger.  He played for Detroit his entire career.  Growing up, he was one of my favorite players.  Perennial All Star.  He won a World Series ring and numerous Gold Gloves.  In 1999, I attended the Astros Wives Gala and I saw an Al Kaline autographed baseball at the silent auction.  I bid on it and got it.  He was recognized as one of the classiest guys in all of MLB.  He was 85 years old.


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