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This is so goddamn insane.

Friday, the CDC said we should be wearing masks, but you can’t find them.  They are as scarce as hand sanitizers.

Dallas County posts how many COVID-19 positives by a zip code color-coded map.  Montgomery County list all their positives without names but includes gender, age group, and city and zip code.  Fort Bend County has them broken down by County Commissioner Precinct where they report the County’s total percentage by Commissioner Precinct.  Chambers County divides the County into three regions and reports age group and gender.  Galveston County provides positives by city (League City and Texas City are getting the brunt).

Harris County has a breakdown by 4 geographic regions NW, NE, SW and SE, plus, age group and gender.  Harris County provides info for the City of Houston and the remainder of Harris County, but not for other cities like Baytown, Bellaire, Pasadena and so on.  Is that info even relevant.  Harris County has roughly 140 geographic zip codes.   That averages out to about 9 positives per zip code.

James tweeted out Pasadena info yesterday and they are reporting over 30 positives.

How about racial breakdown?  Necessary?

Corona Beer is halting production because of the coronavirus, sort of.  Mexico says breweries are not an essential service during the pandemic.  Corona is shutting down.  Yeah, just wait until the cerveza on the shelves runs out.  It will then become essential.

I went to find out why they called it coronavirus.

Here is from Women’s Health:

Although the name coronavirus caused a bit of confusion at the start of the current health crisis, this virus is in no way related to the beer. Rather, the pathogen got its name due to the spiky crown (or corona in Latin) that you can see on its surface when you take a look at it underneath a microscope, explains Rishi Desai, MD, a former epidemic intelligence service officer in the division of viral diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And there isn’t one sole coronavirus. Coronaviruses are actually a family of viruses that cause respiratory infections, according to the WHO.

Why didn’t they call it the crownvirus?  Then they would have pissed off the Crown Royal crowd and maybe the Royal Crown Cola folks.

RG is getting some pushback on a Texas Monthly story he put out a few days ago on the Governor having that press conference in front of PPE gear and the Governor letting folks know that we were prepared.  It turns out a lot of health care folks in Texas need PPE gear.  If you don’t believe me, then why are we having an H-Town PPE Drive at The Yard Wednesday afternoon?

Here is RG’s Story:  https://www.texasmonthly.com/news/ppe-shortage-abbott-strike-force-doctors-masks/.

I had to order masks for me that I should get maybe by the end of the week.  Until then, a scarf or bandana is going to have to suffice if I have to venture out.

All the Fox News talking heads who put the pooh pooh on COVID-19 a month or so ago are now being referred to as the well-deserved pandumbarses. Add the Wisconsin GOP to the pandumbarses list.   You call yourself the Pro-Life party.  Sure.

Also add that Hotze fella and former local GOP Chair Jared Woodfill to the pandumbarses list for being part of a church service yesterday in the H-Town area.  They are literally dying to be pandumbarses.

Here is Chron story today on pandumbarses who went to church yesterday:  https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Crowd-gathers-at-Houston-church-for-Palm-Sunday-15180827.php.

I sure am glad some of the folks Greg Groogan had on “What’s the Point” yesterday isn’t in charge of anything but themselves during this pandemic.  Whatever happened to Wayne Dolcefino?

Former Vice President Joe Biden said we might have to have a virtual Democratic National Convention.  If that’s the case, I may apply to be a National Delegate.  That way, I can sleep in my own bed during the convention instead staying in Chicago.

I started online grocery shopping and making my first pick-up later on this morning.  They say they may have to substitute some items.  No problem on batteries as long as they are AA. It won’t work if they don’t give me the right size air filters.  I am very picky on my store-bought salsa.

We have missed 10 regular season games.  The Mets were supposed to be in town tomorrow for 2.  Dollar Dog was supposed to be tomorrow night.  When you go on the team website and look up the schedule, the 10 games we didn’t play are listed as postponed.  Heck, we could very well not have a season.

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