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Prosecute, Please

The incompetence of Donald Trump, those around him, and a whole lot of GOP leaders is staggering.  It is on full display and it is everywhere we go.

The government could recommend we wear masks if we are going to interact with the public.  Great.  Where can I get a mask?

The family did a zoom last night and we just zoomed around.  One of the topics of discussion was what was good TV these days.  I forgot to mention the dangerously hilarious daily briefings now that the son-in-law is participating.  It is literally going to be killer TV.

Who thought bringing on Jared Kushner was a good idea?  I can’t even find GOPers who think this is smart.

It looks like the Democratic National Convention will be moved from July to August.  I have a suggestion to Dems.  Let’s dispense with the Platform Committee and just have one plank, plain and simple.  Here it is:

On January 20, 2021, we will prosecute everyone of those mother f_ckers, starting with Trump, Pence, Kushner, I. Trump, Pompeo, Mnuchin, Conway, Barr, Mulvaney and the list goes on and on …..

That’s all we need to say.

Commentary said this a couple of weeks ago:

Under the authority the Texas Governor now has because of this current disaster emergency declaration, he has given local government entities the power to move their May 2 elections to November 3.  I would move them.  Of course, some local burgs, ISDs and water districts prefer holding May elections because of the certainty of low voter turnout.  November elections turn out more voters who aren’t as attentive to local stuff if you know what I mean.   Move your election for the sake of the safety of your election workers.

Nobody reads Commentary.  Here is from the Trib:

First the headline:

Texas tells locals they must delay their upcoming May elections

Here is the story:

Gov. Greg Abbott had previously paved the way for municipalities to push their May elections to November. But a handful of small towns and special districts had Citing the state’s stay-at-home order, the Texas Secretary of State is instructing municipalities to delay their May 2 elections.

In an email to local election officials sent Thursday afternoon, the state’s director of elections Keith Ingram said cities, towns and school boards that hadn’t pushed their upcoming elections to November “must take action to do so immediately” or risk facing a challenge in court.

“If you don’t move your May 2nd election, you are subjecting voters to health risks and potential criminal violations,” Ingram wrote. “Failure to postpone your election will put your election at severe risk for an election contest.”

In response to the new coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Greg Abbott paved the way for postponements two weeks ago with an emergency proclamation suspending parts of the state’s election code. Since then, municipalities and other local entities across most of Texas had voted to cancel their traditional early May elections.

But a handful of towns and special districts were still planning to go ahead with their May votes even as many county election officials told locals they wouldn’t run their elections. Some city councils cited a state constitutional requirement to fill some vacancies within 120 days. Others feared the measures on the May ballot would get lost at the bottom of a robust November general election ballot.

Here is the entire Trib article: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/04/02/texas-secretary-state-delay-local-may-elections-coronavirus/.

Why did they even give the locals the option of keeping the May 2 date?  Lack of leadership.

The Governor and Secretary of State have to decide pretty soon how the primaries are going to be conducted.  Here is an online headline from the Chron:

First Word: All Texans can vote by mail… maybe? We need clarity.

Luis Carrasco from the E-Board writes this:

You do you.

That seems to be the answer by Secretary of State Ruth Hughs to calls that Texas expand vote-by-mail in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, including one by this editorial board. This is about as useful as her previous silence and continues to represent zero official guidance to county elections officials.

Right now, not just anyone can vote-by-mail in Texas. The state requires an excuse from voters younger than 65 who want to submit an absentee ballot.

The law allows those who are disabled to vote by mail only if in-person voting would pose a threat to their health. Responding to a petition by Progress Texas, Hughs seemed to support the argument that the risk posed by the pandemic allows anyone to claim a condition that justifies casting a ballot by mail — but she leaves it up to voters to decide.

“If a voter believes they meet this definition, they can submit an application for ballot by mail,” the response read. “As the situation changes, we will be updating our guidance. We hope this information has been helpful.”

No, it hasn’t, actually. As the chief elections officer in Texas, the secretary needs to be clear, not only on what voters can do to protect their health but also on what county officials can expect in upcoming elections. This is not something that can be done on a wait-and-see basis.

Here is all of Carrasco’s take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/First-Word-All-Texans-can-vote-by-mail-maybe-15175389.php.

The Secretary of State and the Governor really don’t have a choice on this one.  They can make this as easy as all get out for the primaries and if the pandemic is gone by the end of the summer, they can go back to the current system.   They are probably thinking if we make it easy in the primaries, all voters will want this system in November and they don’t want any part of that, because they are from the party that makes it harder for folks to vote. Got it?

Sigh. R.G. has a story in Texas Monthly today and the headline tells you all you need to know here:

Greg Abbott Promised to Get Masks for Texas. But Doctors Were Told They Were on Their Own.

Here is the R.G. story: https://www.texasmonthly.com/news/ppe-shortage-abbott-strike-force-doctors-masks/.

Hey GOP.  Your GOP Governor from Georgia just learned yesterday that COVID-19 carriers could be asymptomatic.  Where do you find your leaders?

I wonder who will show up this Sunday for Greg Abbott’s Deadly Church Services Day?

Florida is a sh_t sandwich, from Politico.

TALLAHASSEE — The staggering unemployment exploding on President Donald Trump’s watch would worry any incumbent running for reelection, but troubles in Florida are injecting an added dose of fear into a jittery GOP.

Already anxious about Trump’s chances in the nation’s biggest swing state, Republicans now are dealing with thousands of unemployed workers unable to navigate the Florida system to apply for help. And the blowback is directed straight at Trump’s top allies in the state, Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Rick Scott.

Privately, Republicans admit that the $77.9 million system that is now failing Florida workers is doing exactly what Scott designed it to do — lower the state’s reported number of jobless claims after the great recession.

“It’s a sh– sandwich, and it was designed that way by Scott,” said one DeSantis advisor. “It wasn’t about saving money. It was about making it harder for people to get benefits or keep benefits so that the unemployment numbers were low to give the governor something to brag about.”

Republican Party of Florida chairman Joe Gruters was more succinct: “$77 million? Someone should go to jail over that.”

Here is the entire Politico story: https://www.politico.com/states/florida/story/2020/04/03/its-a-sh-sandwich-republicans-rage-as-florida-becomes-a-nightmare-for-trump-1271172.

My April Beatles calendar with lyrics just has “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.”  The other Beatles calendar has a group photo from October, 1963.

Stay safe as we head into Holy Week.

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