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Epic Failure

Every public health expert says we have to go nationwide social distancing if we want to get out of this as quickly as possible, yet a dozen or so GOP Governors refuse to pull the trigger.  Donald Trump won’t nudge them either.  They can all go to hell. Talk about a GOP epic failure.  Shame on these arseholes.

My niece, Linda and her kids, live in Laredo. In Laredo, you now have to wear a mask if you leave your house and enter a public building.  I called her last night to check with her and asked her if the City of Laredo provides masks.  She said no they don’t, but a bandana or scarf will do.  She also said she hasn’t left her house in like 20 days.

The Chron E-Board today has a detailed take on expanding the state’s mail ballot program because of the condition we are in.  Here is a sad part of the take:

No one should be expected to choose between protecting their health and exercising their right to vote. Abbott has resisted calls to explore other options beyond delaying the runoffs, so it falls to Secretary of State Ruth Hughs — as the chief elections officer in Texas — to take the lead, making sure we are prepared and have the needed resources.

Yet so far, she has remained silent. She’s not returned calls from this editorial board and has not yet offered any help for local elections officials seeking guidance.

Here is the entire E-Board take:  https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Editorial-One-Texas-official-has-power-to-15172717.php.

We all know what we should do and how we should proceed.  Too bad we don’t have a governor who does.  It is just sad.

I saw where Trump’s campaign manager had a call with Trump surrogates and asked them to start attacking former Vice President Joe Biden.  That’s funny.  Now that politics is on the table, it will be a no brainer this November.  The GOP was in charge during the pandemic.  Can’t change that fact.

I did my census form when I got it.  I helped my Dad do his yesterday.

Congratulation to Marisol Valero.  She was just brought on to serve as State Rep. Anna Eastman’s Chief of Staff.  Nice.

Stay safe today and look after others.

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