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25 years-ago today, we lost Selena.  She would be 48 years old.  She would for sure be putting out comforting messages on social media during this pandemic.  She would be a leader in the Latino community that folks would be looking to.  Don’t you miss her?

Everyone knows that Commentary subscribes to the Chron hard copy.  Today, they have a new section, sort of, page A13, that is called Coronavirus.  They have also blended the Sports Section into the front section because there really are no sports going on these days. Got it?

Donald Trump says he inherited a messed-up system for fighting the coronavirus.  Excuses, excuses.  We all need to push back and remind him that he had had three years to fix the so-called messed-up system.

The White House press corps needs reporters like Yamiche Alcindor from PBS and Jim Acosta from CNN to hold that MFer’s feet to the fire and not let him get away with sh_t.

Bloomberg has a story today about hospitals threatening their employees if they tell the press and others about supply shortages.  This is crazy.

I was watching the daily briefing yesterday and Donald Trump said he knew a lot about South Korea and said that Seoul had 38 million people.  My reaction was like wow, I didn’t know that.  CNN later said that Seoul has a 9 million folks. That being said, a lot of Trump supporters now know it is a fact that Seoul has 38 million folks.

I am now convinced that every morning CNN airs New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s briefing, CNN is reminding the rest of the country that this is the standard.  Just saying. Sad.

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