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Miya Slayed

The economy is still tanking.  That means Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is still alive.

Opening Day was supposed to happen this evening.  The usual gang would have gotten together at an eatery next to The Yard before the game.  The Angels were supposed to be in H-Town for a four game weekend series.  I have no idea when MLB will resume this season.

This is from a story yesterday by the Chron’s Astros beat writer, Chandler Rome:

On the eve of baseball’s now-canceled opening day, commissioner Rob Manfred acknowledged that a 162-game regular season “probably” won’t happen due to the coronavirus pandemic, but offered optimism that Major League Baseball could be “gearing back up” in May.

The Commissioner can do math.

In case you weren’t paying attention yesterday, KTRK-TV’s Miya Shay shut down Dillard’s.   Dillard’s was trying to pull a fast one and say they were essential.  Perfume and make-up aren’t essential.  Miya went out to interview the store managers and they gave here the old heave ho out of the store.  Folks were paying attention to Miya’s reporting and voila, they were shut down. They should have had a little display of hand sanitizers at the entrance.

Sure, who knows where to find hand sanitizers these days.

Commentary has 70% alcohol that I put into spray canisters as a substitute.

Jasper Scherer of the Chron tweeted out about furniture stores being essential.  Some furniture outlets advertise in the Chron, just saying.

Also from Chandler Rome:

Major League Baseball’s investigation against the 2018 Red Sox is complete, but more pressing matters from the coronavirus pandemic have prevented commissioner Rob Manfred from finishing and disseminating his written report.

“There’s been a delay in terms of producing a written report, just because I, frankly, have not had time to turn to it with the other issues,” Manfred said Wednesday night on SportsCenter. “But we will get a Boston report out before we resume play.”

I don’t know about holding it back.  Some folks are spending their time reading books.  Some are binge watching TV programs.  I want to read the Red Sox report.

Some retail outlets are better than others at letting you know online what they have in stock in certain stores.  Some are lousy or don’t have that capability.  Commentary won’t reveal the good and bad.  I don’t want to start a stampede if you know what I mean.

I don’t know how we are doing this.  This is a whole new world and a whole new experience.  I try not to go out. When I do, I am avoiding folks, avoiding walking down an aisle if someone else is in it.  Using my credit card instead of handing over cash.

God help the first responders, medical community, retail clerks, sanitation workers, the media and everybody else who has to be out there on the front lines.

Stay safe and consider the safety of others.

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