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Not the Armageddon

I guess someone someday will explain to Commentary why you can fly into the USA from the UK but not the rest of Europe.

Have you ever wondered why at The Yard, on the concourse level, when you go fetch grub or a Saint Arnold, you can still see the field and hear the action from the concession area? At Busch Stadium in San Luis, the concourse is walled off with permanent concession stands. When you go to the concession area at Busch on field level, you can’t see the field. The Yard provides us a view by utilizing all those kiosks and portable concession areas for popcorn, peanuts, beer, liquor – you get the picture. The downside is it causes bottlenecks before and after the games. You are shoulder to shoulder with other fans. If you go to The Yard and sit at field level, you know what I am talking about.

I bring this up because Opening Day is two weeks from tonight and the Astros and MLB have to decide in this pandemic environment is it worth it to play the games with fans in attendance. March Madness has decided that they won’t have fans for their women’s and men’s games. Some college basketball tournaments this weekend are also going without fans. The NBA has suspended its season for now.

If we are still is this pandemic environment two weeks from today. I am thinking they will postpone or cancel Opening Day or play it without the fans.

Commentary said this on Monday:

Austin shut down SXSW. Professional sports teams are studying not allowing the media into locker rooms. The NBA is studying playing games without fans. Some folks are calling for the Rodeo to shut down. That’s funny. Commentary has said it before. You don’t f_ck with the all and powerful Rodeo. It would take an Armageddon to finally shut down the Rodeo.

Well, it didn’t take an Armageddon. The Rodeo was finally taken down by science. Who would have thought? A fella goes to the barbecue cook-off at the Rodeo. The fella gets tested for the coronavirus. The test is positive. The City of H-Town is notified. The City of H-Town consults with medical experts. A decision is made to shut the Rodeo down. Isn’t that how it is supposed to work?

Lost in yesterday’s news was this from the Chron:

After publicly denying the allegations, the Rev. Kirbyjon H. Caldwell, a Houston pastor who had the ear of presidents, admitted in a Louisiana federal courtroom on Wednesday to aiding in a multi-million dollar investment scheme, duping members of his flock into buying phony bonds.

Caldwell, who served as a spiritual adviser to Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, pleaded guilty to a massive wire fraud scheme that helped pay off his personal debt and maintain his lifestyle, according to court documents. The judge set his sentencing for July 22.

And this:

Caldwell faces between five to seven years in prison, a fine of up to $250,000, and up to three years of supervised release. He has made partial restitution to the victims, and agreed Wednesday to pay the remaining $1,951,478.00, before sentencing this summer.

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Houston-Pastor-Kirbyjon-Caldwell-pleads-guilty-to-15123920.php.

No MLB question today.

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