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It’s Over

Name the active MLB player(s) with the most MVP Awards?

Commentary said this yesterday:

If former Vice President Joe Biden has a decisive victory this evening in Michigan, should Sen. Bernie Sanders call it quits? What if VP Biden also rolls in Mississippi and Missouri and comes close in Washington? Why continue if you are Sen Sanders? I would hope that the Bernie Bros wouldn’t want to extend it to Sunday evening’s debate in desperate hopes that VP Biden goes into major gaffe mode.

Last night was more than decisive. It was devastating. Biden rolled in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, and Missouri. Sanders won North Dakota and they are tied in Washington.

It’s over.

Sanders’ National Co-Chair was on CNN this morning saying they were looking forward to the debate. It looks like they are hoping for a Biden gaffe of epic proportion.

Don’t bother putting pressure on Sanders to drop out. He and his team are very smart. They know it’s over. It is up to them to figure out how to exit the race.

When I take my ride into the dealership for major repair, I am provided a car from Budget. Yesterday, Budget sent me a lengthy email telling me how they are taking extra measures to keep their cars virus free.

I also got a note from Uber, explaining what precautions they are implementing during this corona virus pandemic.

The Port of Houston cancelled an event for vendors because of the pandemic.

Here is the absurdity of the pandemic. Some universities and colleges across the country are shutting down their campuses. March Madness will continue.

The most hilarious thing I saw yesterday was a report that the fracking industry is looking for a federal government bailout. That’s funny.

Albert Pujols and Mike Trout each have won three MVP Awards of course.

Pujols and Trout will be at The Yard two weeks from tomorrow on Opening Day.

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