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It is not looking too good for Justin Verlander to be our Opening Day starting pitcher. Since we joined the AL back in 2013, how many of our Opening Days have been at The Yard and how many have been on the road?

If former Vice President Joe Biden has a decisive victory this evening in Michigan, should Sen. Bernie Sanders call it quits? What if VP Biden also rolls in Mississippi and Missouri and comes close in Washington? Why continue if you are Sen Sanders? I would hope that the Bernie Bros wouldn’t want to extend it to Sunday evening’s debate in desperate hopes that VP Biden goes into major gaffe mode. Commentary will be watching this evening for sure.

A CPAC attendee tested positive for the coronavirus. CPAC organizers sort of figured out which GOP big shots the attendee came in contact with and alerted them. The non-big shots who attended the CPAC gathering have been left out in the dark and they are not happy. That’s your GOP today folks. Take care of the GOP elite is their thing.

I have to hand it to the Democratic Party activists for being responsible on the CPAC incident. If this would have happened at a DNC gathering, the Fox News arseholes would be in full mean arsehole mode for sure.

I was watching Donald Trump yesterday and he said he would be meeting with GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate GOPers on issues to deal with the economy. What a f_cking moron. Not acknowledging U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party controlled House is a sure sign that he is intimidated by Speaker Pelosi.

Max Von Sydow is no longer with us. He was “The Exorcist” and I liked him in “Three Days of the Condor”.

That was a class act by Elisa Cardnell in the #TXCD2 Democratic Primary runoff.

Since joining the AL in 2013, the Astros have had four Opening Days at The Yard and three on the road of course.

I am sure the haters are really loving that Justin Verlander is dinged up. It is going to be a long season.

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