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Commentary said this 26 days ago:

Convince me. How does former Vice President Joe Biden place fifth in New Hampshire and still be viable?

I was convinced after Super Tuesday. Nobody pays attention to me anyways.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when a lot of us thought Sen. Bernie Sanders was steamrolling his way to the nomination.

For those who say Bernie is being blocked by the so called establishment Democrats, you are disrespecting Democratic Party Primary voters.

Name the active MLB pitchers with multiple Cy Young Awards?

Let me say this about Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman. She is owning last Tuesday’s debacle at some polling places where voters waited hours to vote. She put out a statement last Friday taking full responsibility. These days a lot of elected officials run from their problems or blame others. It is good to see the County Clerk admit to stuff and telling us she gets it. Now please get it done right.

Weekend Brunch put this out yesterday:

[WB3] Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman presided over another disastrous election on Tuesday, later issuing an apology for her office’s latest poor performance (after initially trying to blame the Harris County GOP for refusing her proposed joint primary scheme). Democratic consultant Marc Campos called the performance unacceptable.

Yeah, I said that last week.

We all know what gender bias is. For the most part, we have used the term gender bias in the context of discriminating against women and not men. Not in last Tuesday’s Democratic Party Primary countywide judicial races here in Harris County. A sort of reverse gender bias or gender bias that we are not accustomed to. Check this from this weekend’s Chron:

Five Democratic state district judges in Harris County lost their seats to primary challengers on Tuesday. The common thread: All five were men unseated by women of color.

Civil court judges Larry Weiman, Daryl Moore and Steven Kirkland were defeated by Democratic challengers Jeralynn Manor, Brittanye Morris and Dawn Rogers, respectively. Criminal court judges Randy Roll and George Powell lost to Democrats Ana Martinez and Natalia Cornelio.

No male candidate finished above a female candidate across Harris County’s 11 contested district judge races.

And this:

“I think there’s a growing recognition that it’s important to have a judiciary and elected officials who reflect diversity, at least from a gender perspective,” (policy consultant Jay) Aiyer said. “For a long time, there was a bias against women candidates, and I think it’s probably fair to say that there is now a bias for women candidates.”

Payback time?

And this from the same article:

“So disappointed and angry that Harris County Dem voters chose judges by gender rather than by competence,” tweeted Mary Flood, a legal media consultant. “Best civil district judge Daryl Moore gone. Some terrible civil & criminal district judges who happen to be female get to stay. As many of us say often, this has to stop.”

Here is the entire article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Male-judicial-candidates-had-a-tough-election-15111256.php.

Payback time?

It is a carryover of the #MeToo movement. A pendulum kind of thing.

There were seven males on the ballot running for countywide judgeships with no opposition. They are breathing a sigh of relief. I wonder how male Democratic judges who are up in 2022 feel.

The Trib has an article on the reverse gender bias voting last week here: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/03/09/women-beat-men-texas-democrat-judicial-primaries/.

My good friend Bill King and others think we ought to go to a different system of picking judges. I have said it before way back. We can go to a system where the big law firms have a bigger influence or stick with letting the partisans decide. I will go with the partisans.

Manuel Barrera sent me a link to his take and here are parts:

The top 12 precincts in State Representative District 148 provide 64% of the votes for Anna Eastman.

And this:

If Penny Morales Shaw wants to win she needs to figure out how to at least split those precincts with Anna Eastman. Prior voting history indicates that those precincts have a much higher turnout in a runoff election. Penny Morales Shaw has her work cut out if she expects to win the race.

Here is all of Manuel’s take: http://mannybarrera.com/2020/03/06/1258/.

Manuel is rooting for Shaw.

Austin shut down SXSW. Professional sports teams are studying not allowing the media into locker rooms. The NBA is studying playing games without fans. Some folks are calling for the Rodeo to shut down. That’s funny. Commentary has said it before. You don’t f_ck with the all and powerful Rodeo. It would take an Armageddon to finally shut down the Rodeo.

Commentary made a beer and coffee beans run to Spec’s this past Saturday and the checkout fella was wearing gloves.

Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer have three Cy Young Awards and Corey Kluber, Jacob deGrom and Justin Verlander have two of course.

MLB returns to The Yard two weeks from this evening. If they want folks to show up, they need to lighten up on their roof policy. Folks will feel a little bit more secure with the roof open with this coronavirus thing. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I do get how folks will feel.

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