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Commentary never went after former Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart with the #FireStanStanart hashtag on election nights when things were slow because I had to work with the election folks and I really needed them to cooperate with me. For all you folks out there who went after Stan Stanart with #FireStanStanart time after time and are now silent after yesterday’s and last night’s debacle, you are lowly punks, chumps, and pitiful and pathetic arseholes in my eyes right now. Staying silent after last night is cowardice at its best.

The County Clerk is blaming the political parties and the political parties are blaming the County Clerk sort of.

Commentary told the Election folks that reducing the number of polling locations on Election Day was a bad idea. I think I was the only person in Harris County who warned them. Thank you very, much living room pundits of Harris County.

I was glad to see Sen. Carol Alvarado voice major concern yesterday over the long waits.

I fully expect Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo to call for a public explanation from the County Clerk. If she doesn’t, I will be disappointed. What happened yesterday was unacceptable.

State Rep. Anna Eastman goes into a runoff with a commanding lead.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is now the frontrunner. Wow! He won states he didn’t even campaign in. Wow!

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan is a goner.

It was good to see Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg win last night.

Mike Bloomberg is out and endorses Joe Biden. That’s a good move.

No MLB question today.

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