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Last Day to Vote Early

In Game 7 of last season’s ALCS, who was pitching for the Yankees when Jose Altuve smacked the 2-run walk-off dinger in the bottom of the 9th?

Yesterday, Commentary got another mail piece attacking Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis. That’s four in the last eight days or so. That means it will probably start having a negative impact.

It turns out, the PAC that is sending out the attack mailers is being partially funded by GOP County Commissioner Jack Cagle’s campaign account. Comm. Cagle is Comm. Ellis’ colleague. Got it? Oh, well.

If you live north of I-10, west of I-45, south of the North Loop, and east of the West Loop 610 – an area generally known as the Greater Heights, on Election Day, the voting centers open will be the Church on W. 11th and T.C. Jester, Field Elementary, Hogg Middle and Lazybrook Baptist Church on W. 18th. That’s it.

In the Northside, the only voting centers open on E-Day will be Moody Park, the apartments on Irvington and Frawley, Burbank Middle, and Clark Park. That’s it.

In the East End, Ripley, HCC Southeast, DeZavala Park and Denver Harbor Park.

At a briefing yesterday put on by the County Clerk’s Elections folks, I asked why the reduction in voting centers and they said it is always done this way in the primaries and both political parties agreed to this.

That’s news to Commentary and I know a little bit about Election Day in these parts.

That’s why you need to go vote early today and prepare for Election Day.

The water main break forced the early closing of four Early Voting in Person locations and HCC Southeast is still closed today.

Yankee reliever Aroldis Chapman served up the walk-off dinger of course to Jose Altuve in Game 7 of last season’s ALCS.

Aroldis is celebrating his 32nd birthday today.

Again, vote early today.

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