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Political Mail

Opening Day is four weeks from this evening. When was the last time we lost on Opening Day?

If you are a regular H-Town voter like Commentary, you are getting a lot of political campaign mailers heading into Super Tuesday. I am getting plenty of Mike Bloomberg mail, all sizes might I add. I am getting State Rep. Anna Eastman mail, mail from judicial candidates, and other local races. I am getting mail from Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee and one of her opponents, Marc Flores

I am getting mail from my good pal County Commissioner Rodney Ellis. I have also received in the last week, three hit pieces on Comm. Ellis from his opponent, former Judge Maria Jackson. The hits focus on how much his crib cost, bankers who contribute to his campaign, bail reform and the art collection that has been in the news lately. We will see how effective they were come next Tuesday evening when the votes are counted.

As we head to Super Tuesday, the presidential candidates are visiting Texas. Mayor Pete will be in Dallas. Former VP Biden is coming to H-Town. Same for Mayor Bloomberg and Sen. Warren. Warren will also make a stop in SA.

I haven’t heard yet if Bernie will visit Sierra Blanca out in West Texas but you can check out his story here: https://thebulwark.com/sierra-blanca-is-how-trump-crushes-bernie/.

Commentary has mentioned this before. My niece, Rachel, is a Leap Year Baby. Meaning she was born on February 29 in a Leap Year. In Rachel’s case it was 1972. She will be 12 years old, err 48 this Saturday.

Rachel is kind of special since she was my parents’ first grandkid. It is also special because her Leap Year birthday falls during the presidential primary season. When she was born in 1972, the Texas Democratic Party didn’t have a presidential primary, just a caucus at your precinct immediately after the polls closed on the first Saturday in May.

We didn’t get a presidential primary until 1976, in conjunction with the precinct convention, err Texas Two Step. In 1988, we joined up with the Super Tuesday states and started having our primary in March.

Every Leap Year when we celebrate Rachel’s birthday, we are in the middle of a contested Democratic Party presidential primary, with the exception of 1996 and 2012.

Saturday night we will celebrate her Leap Year birthday with a western theme celebration at her home. Cool.

The last time the Astros lost on Opening Day was back in our NL days, in 2012, when we lost to the Rockies 5-3 of course, at The Yard.

Commentary is not ready for Opening Day. Not yet.

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