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Banging on Bernie

Last season, Justin Verlander won 21 games and Gerrit Cole won 20. They were the only MLB pitchers with 20 or more wins. When was the last season MLB didn’t have a 20-game winner?

Commentary watched the debate last night. I don’t think Sen. Bernie Sanders handled the attacks well. He just didn’t. He didn’t have a good night. He got banged around pretty good. That being said, Commentary is not ready to say the Democratic Party down ballot candidates are doomed if Bernie is leading the ticket.

Maybe it is just me, but I came away with the impression that Sen. Elizabeth Warren spent more time trashing former Mayor Mike Bloomberg than talking about her vision. Maybe it is just me.

Commentary is not going to question the motivations of the Trib, but I do think they sought out Texas Democratic Party leaders who have a problem with Bernie leading the ticket so they could write a story on the subject.

Here is the article: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/02/25/bernie-sanders-texas-democrats/.

Commentary was watching the Harris County Commissioners Court meeting yesterday and got a good explanation for the reduced number of polling places for Election Day next Tuesday here in Harris County. Vote early, please.

I know this is dumb. Since the coronavirus made its debut, oftentimes when it is brought up, Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” tune pops into my head. It’s “the Queen of Corona” thing. Just saying.

The last time MLB went a season without a pitcher winning 20 games was 2017 of course.

Opening Day is four weeks from tomorrow night and I am not ready and I don’t want to be ready for what will be a very long season.

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