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Vote Early, Week 2

Tomorrow is George Harrison’s birthday. He would be 77 tomorrow if he was still around. SiriusXM has been playing a lot of his tunes on The Beatles Channel this past weekend. Name his tune that is played at the end of this 1989 flick, during the final credits? Hint: The flick was a box office hit, like the third highest grossing movie that year.

This is the second week of Early Voting in Person. Five days to go.

@AOC endorsed Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez in the Texas Democratic Party Primary Senate race. I don’t have a problem with that. If Ramirez does end up being our nominee, the GOP is going to accuse her of being an @AOC acolyte anyway.

I said this in my letter to Jim Crane yesterday:

The least you can do is throw some brews and dogs toward Section 132, Row 1.

Royko responded with this.

Sounds like a High Value Target coordinates for the Trump Reelection Drone.

Meh. The way Trump operates, their intel folks will tell them when to strike and the Trump folks won’t believe them and then send the drone when the roof is closed.

Weekend Brunch said this:

[WB8] Because too many journalists are hopelessly self-absorbed, the Houston Chronicle editorial board devoted way too many column inches this week to an elaboration of their “process” for endorsing candidates. Democratic consultant Marc Campos laments that the board won’t let staffers sit in and listen to the screening, but the bigger issue is that such screenings aren’t recorded and shared with anyone who wants to see. That would be transparent (which the editorial board preaches for all but themselves) and would give voters an opportunity to see both candidates AND the newspaper’s generally Unproductive Class (the editorial board, which produces little of value to the newspaper or the people who pay for it) in action. The latter, of course, would be to expose too much.

I don’t know. Have you suggested to Lisa Falkenberg that they record the interviews and make them available to subscribers? I mean, they have to stay behind the paywall to help support local journalism. Ask, before you smack.

George Harrison’s “Cheer Down” is played at the end of “Lethal Weapon 2” of course and during the closing credits.

Go vote early.

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