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Commentary really hasn’t had time to go check out flicks lately. Same for most folks I have been hanging with the past year plus. Nobody has told me I have to go see “Parasite.” FYI: It is showing at the Regal Marq-E down off of I-10 and Silber. Maybe after March 3.

Speaking of Oscars, I am going to skip MLB and ask a question about flicks. Care to tell me what was Marni Nixon most known for?

State Rep.-Elect Anna Eastman will be sworn-in at 5:30 pm, tomorrow, Tuesday, February 11, in the Library at Waltrip High School here in Houston. Looking at the RSVPs, it looks like we are going to have pretty good turnout with some dignitaries included. Waltrip High is geographically kind of the center or middle of HD 148.

Early Voting in Person for the primaries begin a week from tomorrow.

MJ Hegar TV ads are running. Mike Bloomberg ads are running. Kathleen Wall ads are running. Don’t think I have seen any other political campaign ads.

My Dad’s mail ballot came in a few days ago. He says he is going to vote for Joe Biden. I suggested he hold off some to see if the Biden campaign was going anywhere. After New Hampshire tomorrow, Nevada is next on February 22.

The Boston Globe has a new poll out this morning of New Hampshire Democratic Primary voters and has Sen. Amy Klobuchar moving into third place. If that happens tomorrow night, that could be the story of the evening.

I was glancing at the Chron’s auto section on Saturday and I noticed they post gasoline prices at service station across the area. Highest are River Oaks, Midtown and Montrose. You never catch me filling up there. Lowest are Atascocita, Spring and Kingwood. Baytown is in the lowest category – but not listed – and that is where I try to fill up.

I watched the A.J. Hinch interview in its entirety Friday afternoon. He is taking responsibility and folks are letting him have it. The players were given immunity for telling the truth. Commentary would like to hear the players give one-hour interviews like Hinch did.

We hold the lower ground when it comes to defending the 2017 World Series Championship. Hinch confirmed this. Like it or not. Get ready for a season where we are the most hated and vilified. Commentary is not even thinking about going to a road game this season. Not even to drive up to Arlington at their new air-conditioned crib.

Get used to knowing that Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, Justin Verlander, Yuli Gurriel, Carlos Correa, Josh Reddick and #SpringerDinger will get the cheater label for now.

Marni Nixon was the uncredited voice who sang the tunes for Deborah Kerr in “The King and I”, for Natalie Wood in “West Side Story”, and for Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady” of course. She is no longer with us.

“West Side Story” and “My Fair Lady” took home the Best Picture Oscar.

Now you know.

Astros pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training on Wednesday.

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