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Friday Politics

An interview with A.J. Hinch will air today at 5:00 pm on the MLB Network. Commentary will try to watch or record it on the DVR. What number did A.J. wear last season?

We will have a runoff in Texas’ Democratic Primary U.S. Senate race. Since MJ Hegar is outraising the competition, in all likelihood she makes the runoff. I don’t think I am wrong on this.

The #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection canvass will be conducted this afternoon.

State Representative-Elect Anna Eastman will be sworn-in at 5:30 pm, next Tuesday, February 11, at Waltrip High School here in Houston.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is sputtering. He is not going to do well in New Hampshire. Is he on his way out? Can he make it to Super Tuesday? It doesn’t look good.

To those Democratic Party activists who didn’t endorse a candidate for president. Do they start looking at getting behind former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg? If nobody gets on a momentum roll, can Bloomberg be a major factor on Super Tuesday? The TV ad he is running with President Barack Obama looks pretty good.

Is Senator Elizabeth Warren on her way out? If she runs third in New Hampshire, which is next door to Massachusetts, how bad of a look is that?

The Chron has a story today on the Texas House District 142 Democratic Party Primary race. That is the one with incumbent State Rep. Harold Dutton facing a challenge from H-Town City Council member Jerry Davis. Just for the heck of it, Commentary checked out their 30-day reports. Rep. Dutton is spending a lot on billboards, like over $31,000 worth. I couldn’t find any voter contact expenses on CM Davis’ report.

A.J. Hinch wore the number 14 of course.

I am still waiting on in-depth interviews with Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, Justin Verlander, Yuli Gurriel, Carlos Correa, Josh Reddick, and #SpringerDinger.

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