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I’m Spartacus

State Rep.-Elect Anna Eastman will be sworn-in at 5:30 pm, next Tuesday, February 11, at Waltrip High School here in Houston.

Commentary is not going to get all worked up about one primary result. We still have 49 states left on the schedule as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and few other territories. Mike Bloomberg is making it more interesting. Some folks that I know have endorsed him. I still don’t know who gets my vote.

Kirk Douglas left us yesterday. Growing up, he was one of the leading actors in some great flicks. Of course, “Spartacus” tops the list. “I’m Spartacus” is a go to line of mine. Other flicks that I loved: “Gunfight at the OK Corral”, “The Vikings”, “Seven Days in May”, “Paths of Glory” and “The War Wagon” among others.

Instead of the MLB question, we will go with “Spartacus. At the end of the movie, when Spartacus and his men are captured, the Romans announce that they will release everyone if someone steps forward and identifies or rats out Spartacus. As Spartacus (played by Kirk Douglas) starts to get up to identify himself, one of his men beside him jumps up and says, “I’m Spartacus” then others do the same. Name the actor who was the first to say that line?

Back in my youth when I played fast pitch softball, we were playing in some tournament here in H-Town. We were batting and the ump made a bad call. Someone in our dugout yelled out something crude and derogatory at the ump. The ump walked over and pointed his finger at us and wanted to know who yelled at him. We all sat there silently. He then said that he would just pick one of us out to throw out of the game. A teammate jumped up and said, “I’m Spartacus”, then the rest of us did the same. The ump just nodded his head, turned around and walked off. That was hilarious.

Antoninus, played by Tony Curtis, was the first to say “I’m Spartacus” of course. Now you know.

Now the crybaby Yankees feel they were robbed by the Astros in the 2017 ALCS. They only had the second highest payroll that season behind the Dodgers. Shut up!

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