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Dusty Baker had 242 career dingers. How many did he have off of Astros pitchers?

I was totally against U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping up Donald Trump’s speech after he spoke. She should have ripped it up when he handed it to her before he spoke.

Commentary loves the way all these Trump arse kissers are going gaga because the Speaker ripped up the speech and they think it is Ok for him not to shake her hand.

The Speaker had a plan to get under the Trump arse kissers’ skin and it is working. Commentary loves it. She is our leader and doing A-Okay by me.

The Trump arse kissers act like he deserves some sort of level of respect. Nope.

Giving a medal to one of history’s greatest hate machines last night. Nope.

Iowa Democratic Caucus participants handed former Vice President a fourth place finish. Maybe, just maybe, they don’t want him to be our nominee because they don’t want to hear about Hunter Biden all summer long and into November. Maybe?

Meanwhile, the Iowa Democratic Party continues to step into it by only releasing partial returns.

There will be 38 giveaways at The Yard this season and the giveaways will go to all fans and not just the first 10,000 or so. Nice. There will also be a Pride Night a few days before the Pride Parade. Good.

Dusty Baker had 27 career dingers off of Astros pitchers of course.

#ForTheH is our slogan hashtag. Got it?

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