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Goodbye, Iowa

James Click is our new General Manager. He was with the Rays’ front office. Care to guess the name of his wife? Hint: I have nephew a with the same name. It is a cool name.

Mayor Pete last night said Iowa shocked America. Can’t argue with that. For those of you, including Julian Castro, who hate the idea of Iowa going first in the nominating process, you finally got your wish.

Commentary had a mini spread of sort of goodies and beverages to watch the returns last night. I want my money back! What a waste!

Think about the millions of dollars candidates spent on the Iowa economy this past year and for what? Hotels, rent cars, restaurants, printers, to name a few.

Some talking heads last night and this morning were saying that former Vice President Joe Biden was the big winner after the fiasco because he doesn’t have to explain a fourth-place finish. I don’t know about that.

You might be able to say Mike Bloomberg was a winner because he doesn’t have to deal with a winner this morning.

If you run into anyone who says we ought to continue to let Iowa go first in 2024, never take them seriously again.

What a monumental fiasco! Epic failure! What a joke!

The winnowing will have to wait a week.

We need to go a rotating presidential primary system where states are broken down by region or time zone. We have four election dates. One in February, one in March, one in April and the last in May. Like one year the group Texas belongs to goes in February. Four years later we rotate to May. You get the picture. Of course, I will say it again. They are not going to ask Commentary.

We need to stop this BS that give preference to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. I don’t know why we continue with this insanity. It’s stupid and unfair.

The lyrics to “All You Need is Love” is featured in February on my Beatles wall calendar behind my desk – like the entire lyrics.

On my other Beatles wall calendar, February features a photo of The Beatles circa 1963.

New Astros GM James Click’s wife is named Ace of course. I have a nephew named Ace. Now you know.

The equipment vans leave The Yard today for Spring Training.

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