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Long Season

Want to know what will be happening at The Yard on Friday, April 24 of this year?

Yesterday, MLB blew up on social media. Thanks to our Astros and their cheating scandal. Jose Altuve and Josh Reddick were accused of wearing electronic devices. Carlos Beltran was the third skipper to lose his job this week and he didn’t even get to make one mound visit. Beltran’s niece accused Altuve of cheating. ESPN Sunday Night baseball analyst Jessica Mendoza responded to a question and her sh_t blew up. Reddick finally spoke up, if you want to call it spoke up. It was all capped off by a crazy video that mentioned everyone and then went viral.

The more it all sinks in, the more Commentary is thinking it is going to be a long and miserable season. This cheating thing is not going away. It is going to dog us.

We still haven’t heard from the team’s leadership which I think is kind of disappointing. We have been supportive of the players like forever and this is what we get. The silent treatment?

Now Commentary is hearing that other teams have been systematically cheating. Put it all out there.

Meanwhile, Dodger fans are organizing a trip to Anaheim to boo the Astros when we visit the Angels. Ok. They will get there around the third inning and leave around the sixth.

I have tried to look at a few of the campaign reports that were due a couple of days ago. I did look at the Harris County Attorney’s race and the Menefee fella who is running against incumbent Vince Ryan raised more money than Vince. I hope that is a good thing.

Mike Fiers and the A’s make their first season visit to The Yard for a weekend series on Friday, April 24 of course. I wonder if he’s going to return his World Series ring now that a lot of the baseball world think it is tainted and worthless?

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Fox Sports 26 had a story yesterday about who might be the next Astros skipper. Former Astro and former Giants skipper Bruce Bochy is on the list. What number did he wear as an Astro and with the Giants?

Everyone knows that Commentary is not a fan of the Austin folks who are part of the Texas Democratic Party structure and family. I certainly don’t give them credit for the resurgence of the Democratic Party in the last couple of elections. The credit goes to Donald Trump and #BetoForTexas. Prove me otherwise.

They still play chicken sh_t games. Case in point. The January 15 campaign contribution and expenditure reports were due yesterday. In the Texas House District 148 Special Runoff Election and Democratic Party Primary, my good friend and client Anna Eastman raised twice as much, let me say it again, twice as much, as her GOP and Dem Primary opponents combined. And there are still doubters.

It is laughable. Commentary is not going to get into details. If you want to contact me, I will gladly let you know. What a joke for sure. No respect for these folks from Commentary.

Get over it, please. Anna is going to be the next State Representative from House District 148.

12 days until the Special Runoff Election Day.

I have to hand it to CNN for going through their tapes and finding the exchange between Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders right after the debate. I believe Sen. Warren.

Commentary goes to Baytown on a regular basis. The westbound lanes of the San Jacinto River bridge on I-10 are now all open. They are still working on the eastbound lanes though.

The Chron has a story today on Houston Metro saying there will still be fares. They need to tell that to the folks who jump on the Metro Rail.

I watched the U.S. House deliver the impeachment articles to the U.S. Senate yesterday. An African American woman was carrying them. I wonder what the white supremacists thought about that. Too funny!

Yankee and Dodger fans are complaining because they think they were cheated out of World Series titles.  Shut up!  You have the biggest payrolls in MLB.  Shut up!

According to the Fox Sports 26 story, here is who the Astros are considering for our next skipper:

Dusty Baker (former Giants, Cubs, Reds and Nationals manager),
Jeff Banister (Pirates special assistant),
Bruce Bochy (former Giants and Padres manager),
Joe Espada (Astros bench coach)
Raúl Ibañez (Dodgers special assistant)
Buck Showalter (former Yankees, D-backs, Rangers and Orioles manager),
Will Venable (Cubs third-base coach).

Bochy wore the 13 as an Astro and 15 as the Giants skipper.

I would go for Bochy since he has a few World Series rings.

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How long was now former Red Sox skipper Alex Cora with the Astros?

Way to go Cong. Sylvia Garcia. She is one of the 7 U.S. House impeachment managers. Truly historic for our community. We should be so proud!

The Chron E-Board has a good take on the cheating scandal and here is a part:

It only matters that the Astros players knew what they were doing was wrong and did it anyway. That became clear Monday when Major League Baseball released a report that confirms that the cheating did occur, even after teams were informed that such actions were wrong and would be punished.

A team that was more than talented enough to win without subterfuge or seeking unfair advantage chose instead to skirt the rules, break faith with the fans and disrespect the integrity of the game. Although it appears that none of the players will face official punishment, they will have to live with the tainted legacy they created.

Here is the entire take: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/opinion/editorials/article/Astros-never-let-us-down-Until-now-Editorial-14975364.php.

I am not going to let this cheating mess bum me out.

If HISD ever gets a TEA appointed Board of Managers, here are the candidates:

Ales Cora was only with in in 2017 and that was way too long.

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Choke and Cheat

What was A.J. Hinch’s regular season record as the Astros skipper and what was his playoff record?

Within 24 hours the day before yesterday and yesterday we earned the title of #ChokeCity and #CheatCity. Only in H-Town. Stunning developments that rocked our professional sports teams.

I read the 9-page MLB report on the Astros cheating and let me say that it was pure bush league and wasn’t worth the effort. (In reading the report, I can’t tell if it gave us an advantage.) It was player driven with help from the video folks and Alex Cora, our then Bench Coach and soon to be gone Red Sox Skipper.

A.J. knew it was going on and didn’t stop it, so he is now a goner.

Jeff Luhnow said he didn’t know it was going on but an email or two said he should have known. Regardless, he runs the baseball side so he’s a goner too.

This was player driven and because of their antics, their skipper and GM are gone. As a longtime season ticket holder and fan, I would appreciate if the players stepped forward and admitted their wrongdoing. All of us who support this team should be made aware of who were involved. We should not be made to wonder if it was Alex Bregman. Jose Altuve? #SpringerDinger?

Right now, Bregman, Altuve, #SpringerDinger, Carlos Correa and Yuli Gurriel are all cheaters.

Step forward, please!

There will certainly be less swagger and cockiness when Spring Training rolls around. They brought this on themselves.

HEB is probably rethinking how to move forward this season with their Astros ads.

Like it or not Astros fans, this is a stain that stain remover can’t touch. This is now part of our legacy. I will leave it to others to give it a cheesy name like Cheatgate or H-Towngate or Minute Maidgate. Someone will give us a gate. We earned the gate.

This was stupidity pure and simple. A ton of folks are going to think twice about wearing their Astros gear when they are out of town. It was cool a couple of days ago to do so, I don’t know about the foreseeable future.

Does this rise to the level of the Black Sox scandal? Pete Rose gambling on games? No, because no one has been banned from the game. But it is up there. Pretty stiff penalties. The Skipper and GM are both given a year ban then fired by the team owner. A $5 million fine and our top two draft choices this year and next year have been snatched from us.

The Texans owner and Head Coach were probably a bit happy that MLB dropped this on us yesterday. It took the limelight off their arse for choking away the game on Sunday.

At least the Astros owner was decisive. Can’t say that about the fella who runs the Texans.

I wonder what the team slogan and hashtag are going be this season?

A.J. Hinch as the Astros skipper was 481-329 in the regular season and 28-22 in the playoffs.

I forgot to mention. Mike Fiers is a rat.

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Just a Game

You know how far apart in dough the Astros and #SpringerDinger are in their contract negotiations?

A local sports reporter is coining something called Battered Houston Sport Fan Syndrome or something like that. That’s funny.

Saturday night at the wedding reception, when we heard that the Titans were beating the Ravens, we thought that if the Texans took care of business, we would host the AFC Championship game for the first time ever next Sunday. I was even angling for some suite tickets.

Yesterday, when we jumped out to the 24-point lead, I thought, what could go wrong? Everything.

I refuse to let the local pro sports teams dictate how I am going to feel this morning. It is just a game.

Last week was a great game. Yesterday’s wasn’t.

For a while, I thought those folks who run the team were actually smarter than the rest of us. They aren’t. They are keeping the coach. That’s it.

Commentary is rooting for the Packers and Titans next Sunday.

Congratulations to Margaret and Matt Luna. The wedding and all the related activities this weekend in Austin were great. Nice job.

Early voting in the #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection starts in 8 days. Election Day is in 15 days. We are running hard.

Sen. Cory Booker is out. I have mixed feelings. Sen. Booker, Sen. Kamala Harris and former Mayor Julian Castro are out. Sens. Booker and Harris didn’t even poll well with African American. Same with Mayor Castro with Latino voters.

Oh, well. There aren’t very many left that fit my criteria for president. I still don’t know who gets my vote.

The Astros are offering #SpringerDinger $17 million for this season. He wants $22 million.

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Margaret and Matthew

Margaret Cates and Matthew Luna are getting married tomorrow. Matt is the son of Julie and Al Luna. Julie and Al are among my closest and best friends. She is my Comadre and he is my Compadre. Way back in 1980, I was given by them the honor of serving as the Godfather to their first kid, daughter Lisette, for Lisette’s baptism. Lydia Evaro Madrigal is the Godmother. Lisette, early on, could never figure how to say the padrino word, so it has been Mino ever since.

Everyone knows that Al and I go to Astros games together when we can.

From 1999-2006, Al, Matt and I would go check out the Astros on the road for a series against teams with nice cribs. In this order we went to Wrigley, AT&T, Bank One now Chase, PNC, Old Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Safeco now T-Mobile, Camden Yard, and New Busch Stadium. My old pal Drayton would provide us with nice seats, often on the front row. Just us three non-stop talking baseball, movies, pop culture and history. We ran into Amish, visited the Warhol Museum, Babe Ruth’s home, the JFK Library and other cool places. Those were fun trips.

(Care to guess which Astros historical event we witnessed on one of our trips?)

I have only met Margaret one time. She is the daughter of Staley Cates and Elizabeth Cates. I have never met the parents.

The wedding is in Austin. Margaret and Matt went to UT-Austin.

Check out margaretandmatt2020.com if you don’t believe me.

Rehearsal dinner tonight at Olive and June. Welcome party later tonight at Cedar Door. Wedding ceremony at Central Christian Church on Guadalupe not Guadaloop. Black tie optional. Commentary is wearing a tux. Reception at ACL Live at the Moody Theater. After Party at 3TEN at ACL.

The Harris County Tejano Democrats had the opportunity to endorse Anna Eastman last night over her GOP opponent in the #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection and they didn’t. They would not recognize Commentary to make a motion to suspend the rules and endorse Anna Eastman over a Republican. Can you believe that? What is up with that? The meeting last night was held smack dab in the middle of HD 148. What a shame, disappointment and embarrassment. This is definitely not a good look for this organization. A number of Dem elected officials and organizations have endorsed Anna. I am a longtime member of Tejanos and this is embarrassing.

Commentary got this email yesterday:

Come celebrate victory and help retire the debt!
Michael Kubosh
Houston City Council Member, At-Large 3

I went and checked his latest campaign report.

He has $276,000 in loans. That’s debt.

Royko responded to my I-45 expansion take with this:

One should “follow the money” on this type of situation.

But, I am not opposed to shutting down traffic on the Pierce elevated, as I fear the accumulated damage to the supports, caused by the underground stray current corrosion, created by the 3rd-world-class METRORail Danger Train over the past 17 years, likely has reached the point of catastrophic collapse of the decking that transports over 250,000 cars per day.

Got it.

Kim Kardashian let folks check out what’s in her fridge. She has Siete Foods tortillas. Now you know!

On June 11, 2003, Al, Matt and I were at Old Yankee Stadium when we no-hit them with six pitchers. Final score, 8 zip.

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Takeover Pause

Care to guess when we make our first appearance on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball?

Everyone can now take a deep breath. There is no TEA takeover of HISD for now. There is going to be a trial this summer to decide this.

The new HISD Board gets sworn-in next Thursday. At least they will get to serve for half a year or so. Stay tuned!

This email was in my inbox this morning:

Let’s talk:
TxDOT’s new I-45 expansion program will destroy 450 acres of urban assets; Why?

Governor Greg Abbott likes to talk s_it about a lot of stuff. Right now, he’s smacking at ATX on their homelessness issue. How come he don’t talk about all the private property that is going to be bulldozed for a few more lanes of freeway just east of Downtown H-Town?

There is a frontpage story in today’s Chron about H-Town leading the state in the gentrification of neighborhoods near Downtown. What else is new? Commentary likes to tell a story about a precinct near Downtown that was totally Latino voter in the 1970s and is now majority Anglo voter. I can only attest to what has happened in neighborhoods in the Northside and Second Ward.

As someone who reviews Harris County’s voting precinct results on a regular basis, you can see the effects of gentrification on voting patterns.

As much as we hailed the construction of The Yard in the eastern part of Downtown, it did contribute to residential growth just east of the freeway. It is a market thing.

We host the Yankees at 6 pm on Sunday, May 17 at The Yard for our first appearance on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball this season of course. The following Sunday evening, on May 24, we will play at Fenway for back-to-back appearances on Sunday Night Baseball.

Now you know!

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Sign Stealing

The sign stealing Commentary opposes is the political campaign yard sign stealing. Of course, if a campaign is stupid enough to put campaign signs in right-of-way, have at it. Private property is off limits. Yard signs cost about $3 a pop. No campaign sign stealing, please.

Sign stealing in baseball is another matter. Manager, coaches and catchers flash signs to pitchers, batters and catchers. It is all seen on the flat screen. We all see from the centerfield camera the catcher flashing a digit or two or three and so forth. The manager and third base coach tug on their ear, chin, nose, elbow and also so forth. Again, it is all seen on the flat screen.

Nowadays, all the MLB clubs have video teams to help let the skipper know when to call for a replay decision. It is only human that MLB clubs use video technology in other aspects of the game including figuring out the other team’s signs. I think it is kind of dumb that teams won’t try to figure out the other team’s signs. They have been trying since teams started using signs.

MLB is investigating the Astros for sign stealing during their 2017 championship season. Yesterday, The Athletic ran a story on the Red Sox stealing signs during their 2018 championship series. Now MLB will be investigating the Red Sox. Commentary doesn’t consider this a scandal of epic proportions. I just don’t. As long as you have humans flashing signs in front of thousands at stadiums and millions on TV, the other side is going to try to figure out what is being flashed.

This isn’t espionage of cold war proportions.  It’s a baseball game.

The Dodgers were runner ups both seasons and I still don’t want to hear Dodgers blues crap because they have one of the largest payrolls and TV markets.

You know what ought to be investigated by MLB? Why is it going to cost $15 for a cup of Saint Arnold this season?

Commentary is not going to weigh in on the Harris County Judge who didn’t pay the full amount of filing fee because a Dem Party worker told him to pay a lesser amount. I will say that I go check the filing fee sheet for all my candidates and know in advance the proper amount. We even fill out most of the filing application in advance and check and recheck and recheck again. Just saying.

What is it about the GOP and their desire of I-Wars? They led the effort 17 or so years ago to get us into Iraq and we are still in Iraq. They are now thirsting today to get into a war with Iran. Explain the end goal, please.

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The Buzz Beat

Yesterday wasn’t a slow news day. The U.S. military withdrew from Iraq, then we didn’t. That Bolton clown told the U.S. Senate he would testify after he had told the U.S. House he wouldn’t. Mayor Pete was in The Hights. The City of H-Town is fixing to settle an HPD shooting lawsuit for $1.2 million. UT’s Latino faculty is getting screwed over. We are waiting for Iran’s next move. Julian Castro endorsed Elizabeth Warren. The Texans play the Chiefs this Sunday.

With everything that is happening, the Chron still had time to put out a story on the Buzbee fella’s new online show on the local restaurant scene. This is dumb. The Chron has one of the best restaurant critics in Alison Cook and they want to give pub to this fella? I just got me my copy of Cook’s “Top 100 Restaurants” and now this Buzz beat crap? Sorry Chron, this ain’t newsworthy in Commentary’s book.

I mean, who gives a rat’s arse what the Buzbee fella thinks about our restaurant scene?

ABC Channel 13 tweeted out yesterday that the Dash traded away JJ Watt’s fiancé and JJ called them out and said this:

This headline is trash. Kealia Ohai (which is her name by the way, since you didn’t even bother to mention it) is incredible entirely on her own merit and deserves to be treated as such. Be better than this.

I get JJ’s ire.

When I first heard that Kealia Ohai was being traded, my first reaction was “I wonder how they – JJ and Kealia- are going to handle being apart.”

Do I deserve to be called out by JJ?

Seventy-six days. That’s when MLB returns to The Yard when we host Cleveland for the last two exhibition games of Spring Training, but who is counting?

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@SieteFoods got a red carpet shout out last night on the Golden Globes Red Carpet show on E! from Gwyneth Paltrow and Ryan Seacrest. Very cool!

Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott will be in H-Town this Wednesday headlining a fundraiser for Anna Eastman’s GOP opponent in the #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection. Got it?

Commentary said this a week ago today:

On “What’s Your Point” yesterday, panelist Tony Diaz said the H-Town Mayor had huge support from the Latino community in the recent runoff. I don’t know how Tony defines “huge support”? There were a number of hardcore Latino precincts and neighborhoods that supported the Buzbee fella. I have to give Tony Diaz a nope on this one.

Yesterday on “What’s Your Point”, Tony said the “Latino vote delivered” for the H-Town Mayor. Nope!

This past Friday afternoon, My Best Friend asked me if I wanted to go with him to the Texans-Bills playoff game. I said sure. Great game and I had a great time. We sat by our friends Nel, Jim and Rusty. I ran into The Dean, Keith, Gerard, Rick B. from Lindale Park, Dr. Murillo and The General. Did I mention I had a great time?

If we handle business this Sunday and the Titans upset the Ravens, we could have the AFC Championship Game at NRG in a couple of weeks. It is possible.

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