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Local Politics

I am sure you have seen this today. Name the three Baseball Hall of Fame greats who were born on this day, January 31?

The local Planned Parenthood affiliate has their annual luncheon today. A lot of local politicos will be in attendance for sure.

Tomorrow, the Houston GLBT Political Caucus will hold their endorsement meeting. It looks like it will be a near all day affair. Wear comfy shoes for sure.

State Representative-Elect Anna Eastman is campaigning in the Democratic Primary as well as getting ready to take the oath of office. Now that’s cool.

We will provide details in a few days.

J.J. Watt will serve as the guest host of SNL tomorrow evening.

J-Lo will be part of the halftime entertainment for Sunday’s Super Bowl fifty something.

Our new skipper was introduced yesterday at The Yard.

Since the cheating scandal broke, when I wear team gear, I’ve gone to the pre-cheating brick red gear. Someone posted on twitter that’s what we should be wearing from now on. Funny.

MLB is promoting new lids with a local iconic image next to the logo. We have a space shuttle on ours. Someone tweeted a photoshop version with a trash can. Also, funny.

The late greats Jackie Robinson (1919) and Ernie Banks (1931) were born on January 31 as well as our own and still around Nolan Ryan (1947) of course. Happy Birthday, Nolan!

Enjoy your weekend politics and your Super Bowl activities!

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