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Get Back

Commentary is skipping the MLB question today and will go to pop history. You know what happened in London 51 years ago today?

In 2018, #BetoForTexas carried HD 148 with 68.9% of the vote. In the #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection, State Representative-Elect Anna Eastman received 65.5%. Pretty good if you ask me since #BetoForTexas wasn’t on the ballot.

Commentary is not going to analyze what happened in HD 28.  I wasn’t there. We did pretty good in HD 148.  Go on ahead and write about that.

My Dad and my Uncle Jesse are featured in this year’s Voces Oral History Project 2020 Commemorative Calendar. They are recognized for their military service during World War II. My Dad is featured in April and my Uncle Jesse in August. The Oral History Project is UT Austin Moody College of Communication endeavor dealing with the U.S. Latina and Latino experience.

A.J. Hinch is serving a season-long ban for not stopping the cheating in 2017. A.J. can’t manage the AL All Stars in Dodger Stadium this summer. New Astros skipper Dusty Baker gets the AL All Star team nod. That somehow isn’t right. They ought to let the skipper of the team we beat in the ALCS handle skipper duties. That would be the Yankees skipper Aaron Boone. Heck, letting Mike Fiers serve as the skipper makes better sense. Guess what? They didn’t ask Commentary.

51 years ago, today was The Beatles rooftop concert that featured “Get Back”. “I’ve Got a Feeling”, “Dig a Pony” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” It was on the rooftop of the Apple Headquarters Building at 3 Saville Row in London. That was the last time they performed in public as The Beatles.

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