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There are three #TXHDSpecialRunoffElections tomorrow in the state of Texas. Every one of them is important.

An activist posted the following this past weekend about the #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection:

Blockwalking for Penny Morales Shaw-HD 148 for the March 3 Dem primary.

Tuesday’s lame duck election only fills the seat until Nov. The March 3 primary selects the REAL Democratic candidate in the Nov election for the full two year term. Vote Penny Shaw on March 3.

On Tuesday in the special election for Rep Jessica Farrar‘s unexpired term, I will cast my ballot by voting for neither the Rep nor the Dem because this Dem protects and defends STAAR and will not support fully funding public schools in every neighborhood.

We will not be fooled.

Let’s support public education for all of our children as a sacred public trust.

My response to the post. You notice I didn’t say Democratic activist because Democratic activists don’t think and talk this way. If you live in HD 148, you have a clear choice. An anti-Choice, anti-gun sensible safety legislation GOPer versus a true progressive, former HISD Trustee Anna Eastman. A no brainer decision for sure.

It is very disrespectful to refer to tomorrow’s election as a lame duck election. It is a duly called election. If one doesn’t want to participate because of sour grapes, then don’t.

If it was a lame duck election, why did your candidate file to run late last summer in this special lame duck election? You can’t have it both ways because your candidate finished in sixth place in your so-called lame duck special election. Democrat Anna Eastman was the top vote getter among candidates in the November 5 Special Election. She led the second highest Democrat in the race by 1,716 votes. Anna also never misses voting in Democratic Party Primaries. Now that’s REAL.

BTW, here is the definition of lame duck: an elected official whose power is reduced because the person who will replace them has already been elected.

Democratic voters in HD 148 are grateful that not many share the thinking of this post. If so, we would be risking handing HD 148 over to the GOPer. A bad, sad and pathetic take that your candidate should renounce.

Elections matter. Tomorrow’s election will elect a state representative. Those of us who choose to fully participate are not participating in a lame duck election. Tomorrow is the real deal and HD 148 will have a state representative duly elected by the voters.

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