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Name The ATL’s ballpark?

For those that are interested, in the #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection, as of yesterday evening, 1,113 have voted early in person and 1,261 have voted by mail for a total of 2,374 votes cast or about 2.7% turnout.

I checked out my Dem Primary sample ballot yesterday.

At the end of the Dem Primary ballot there are eleven propositions to vote on. Yep, eleven.

They are a right to: Healthcare, 21st Century Public Education, Clean Air, Safe Water and Responsible Climate Policy, Economic Security, Dignity & Respect, Be Free from Violence, Housing, Vote, Fair Criminal Justice System, and Fair Taxation. There is also one on Immigrant Rights.

I did not know that my old buddy former State Rep. Roberto Alonzo went by “Beto.” He is running for Railroad Commissioner. So, we have a Beto on the ballot, again.

I did not know that MJ Hegar had a first name. It is Mary.

I did not know that my member of Congress, Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee, had six primary opponents.

I need to figure out who gets my vote on some of these contested statewide and local judicial races.

Commentary said this yesterday:

Commentary is not going to weigh in on the U.S. Senators who are running for president and are having to sit in the Senate Chamber during the impeachment trail instead of campaigning in Iowa. They have to take care of business. Don’t feel sorry for them for having to do their jobs.

Royko responded with this:

Why shouldn’t the 3 Senators recuse themselves, and go campaign in Iowa? Is it not a direct conflict of interest to participate in the attempted Coup Impeachment sham, which House Democrats openly stated they must do, otherwise Trump is certain to be reelected?

No thought of ethics is considered while the Washington, D.C. swamp is engaged in this Socialist “Squad” inspired resistance, or, more aptly labeled “Marxist Revolution.”

Thank you.

The ATL plays at Truist Park of course. Huh?

If you live in HD 148, go vote today, please.

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