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Larry Walker also made the Baseball Hall of Fame a couple of days ago. Did he ever win the NL MVP Award?

The #TXHD28SpecialRunoffElection is getting all the attention. Over a million has been spent by the candidates. Both candidates are running TV ads. Armies of folks have been deployed over there. That’s why they are getting a pretty good turnout.

The #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection is a different animal all together. I will say that our runoff Early Vote in Person and mail ballot totals are better than the #TXHD145SpecialRunoffElection turnout totals from last March.

Let’s see if better weather today spurs Early Voting in Person.

Mail ballots for the Dem Primary should be hitting mailboxes any day now. That ought to add to a bit of confusion to HD 148 voters in the last few days of the special runoff.

Speaking of HD 145, State Rep. Christina Morales will have an open house at her district office at 5 pm today. It is located in the garage building at HCC Southeast on Rustic.

Commentary is not going to weigh in on the U.S. Senators who are running for president and are having to sit in the Senate Chamber during the impeachment trail instead of campaigning in Iowa. They have to take care of business. Don’t feel sorry for them for having to do their jobs.

I was at my Dad’s yesterday and he had on the impeachment trial. I will say this. This is a slam dunk case.

In 1997, Larry Walker won the NL MVP Award of course.

You have to figure this cheating scandal is going to impact our players in a negative way once voting begins for the AL All Star Team.

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