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On Becoming a Joke

Have a wonderful MLK Day!

Dusty Baker is being interviewed for the skipper position today. Baker made his MLB debut with The ATL on September 7, 1968. Care to guess who he played against that day?

Chron columnist Erica Grieder tweeted this earlier in the morning:

Considering the possibility that Dems could get caught sleeping on #HD148

I get it. The #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection is getting totally overlooked by the punditry class. The #TXHD28SpecialRunoffElection is getting all the attention. We are certainly not laying out what we are doing other than Anne Eastman tweeting her thing.

I would gladly visit with Ms. Grieder if she were to call and I would gladly answer what I could about campaign stuff.

BTW: Early Voting in Person begins tomorrow.

The Astros had their fan fest this past Saturday and about 10,000 or so fans showed up. The local media was there and asked Alex Bregman about the cheating scandal and here is from yesterday’s Chron:

“The commissioner made his report, made his decision, the Astros made their decision and no further comment on it,” Bregman said.

And this:

In response to a deluge of questions, Bregman offered six other variations of his initial statement. “The commissioner made his report,” he said.

What a joke.

The team is already becoming a national joke and now Bregman acts like that. Dude, we want to support you but don’t start acting like a joke.

He was in front of the local friendly media. Just wait until the national media types start asking questions in person on why you cheated. Get it done with, please.

This is going to be with us all season long. They got caught. The owner has admitted it. It is time for the players to atone. Nothing less is acceptable.

Don’t become a joke in my book.

Here is from Texas Monthly:

Monthly median housing costs in Houston in 2016 (the most recent year data was available) were $1,379, nearly $400 less than New York City. However, median transportation costs were $1,152, a figure 38 percent higher than for New Yorkers. In total, the study found, living in Houston was only $79 cheaper each month than New York.

Here is the entire read: https://www.texasmonthly.com/news/houston-affordability-transportation-costs/.

That is not news to Commentary.

On September 7, 1968, Dusty Baker made his MLB with The ATL against the Astros of course.

He would be a good skipper.

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