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Long Season

Want to know what will be happening at The Yard on Friday, April 24 of this year?

Yesterday, MLB blew up on social media. Thanks to our Astros and their cheating scandal. Jose Altuve and Josh Reddick were accused of wearing electronic devices. Carlos Beltran was the third skipper to lose his job this week and he didn’t even get to make one mound visit. Beltran’s niece accused Altuve of cheating. ESPN Sunday Night baseball analyst Jessica Mendoza responded to a question and her sh_t blew up. Reddick finally spoke up, if you want to call it spoke up. It was all capped off by a crazy video that mentioned everyone and then went viral.

The more it all sinks in, the more Commentary is thinking it is going to be a long and miserable season. This cheating thing is not going away. It is going to dog us.

We still haven’t heard from the team’s leadership which I think is kind of disappointing. We have been supportive of the players like forever and this is what we get. The silent treatment?

Now Commentary is hearing that other teams have been systematically cheating. Put it all out there.

Meanwhile, Dodger fans are organizing a trip to Anaheim to boo the Astros when we visit the Angels. Ok. They will get there around the third inning and leave around the sixth.

I have tried to look at a few of the campaign reports that were due a couple of days ago. I did look at the Harris County Attorney’s race and the Menefee fella who is running against incumbent Vince Ryan raised more money than Vince. I hope that is a good thing.

Mike Fiers and the A’s make their first season visit to The Yard for a weekend series on Friday, April 24 of course. I wonder if he’s going to return his World Series ring now that a lot of the baseball world think it is tainted and worthless?

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