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Fox Sports 26 had a story yesterday about who might be the next Astros skipper. Former Astro and former Giants skipper Bruce Bochy is on the list. What number did he wear as an Astro and with the Giants?

Everyone knows that Commentary is not a fan of the Austin folks who are part of the Texas Democratic Party structure and family. I certainly don’t give them credit for the resurgence of the Democratic Party in the last couple of elections. The credit goes to Donald Trump and #BetoForTexas. Prove me otherwise.

They still play chicken sh_t games. Case in point. The January 15 campaign contribution and expenditure reports were due yesterday. In the Texas House District 148 Special Runoff Election and Democratic Party Primary, my good friend and client Anna Eastman raised twice as much, let me say it again, twice as much, as her GOP and Dem Primary opponents combined. And there are still doubters.

It is laughable. Commentary is not going to get into details. If you want to contact me, I will gladly let you know. What a joke for sure. No respect for these folks from Commentary.

Get over it, please. Anna is going to be the next State Representative from House District 148.

12 days until the Special Runoff Election Day.

I have to hand it to CNN for going through their tapes and finding the exchange between Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders right after the debate. I believe Sen. Warren.

Commentary goes to Baytown on a regular basis. The westbound lanes of the San Jacinto River bridge on I-10 are now all open. They are still working on the eastbound lanes though.

The Chron has a story today on Houston Metro saying there will still be fares. They need to tell that to the folks who jump on the Metro Rail.

I watched the U.S. House deliver the impeachment articles to the U.S. Senate yesterday. An African American woman was carrying them. I wonder what the white supremacists thought about that. Too funny!

Yankee and Dodger fans are complaining because they think they were cheated out of World Series titles.  Shut up!  You have the biggest payrolls in MLB.  Shut up!

According to the Fox Sports 26 story, here is who the Astros are considering for our next skipper:

Dusty Baker (former Giants, Cubs, Reds and Nationals manager),
Jeff Banister (Pirates special assistant),
Bruce Bochy (former Giants and Padres manager),
Joe Espada (Astros bench coach)
Raúl Ibañez (Dodgers special assistant)
Buck Showalter (former Yankees, D-backs, Rangers and Orioles manager),
Will Venable (Cubs third-base coach).

Bochy wore the 13 as an Astro and 15 as the Giants skipper.

I would go for Bochy since he has a few World Series rings.

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