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Choke and Cheat

What was A.J. Hinch’s regular season record as the Astros skipper and what was his playoff record?

Within 24 hours the day before yesterday and yesterday we earned the title of #ChokeCity and #CheatCity. Only in H-Town. Stunning developments that rocked our professional sports teams.

I read the 9-page MLB report on the Astros cheating and let me say that it was pure bush league and wasn’t worth the effort. (In reading the report, I can’t tell if it gave us an advantage.) It was player driven with help from the video folks and Alex Cora, our then Bench Coach and soon to be gone Red Sox Skipper.

A.J. knew it was going on and didn’t stop it, so he is now a goner.

Jeff Luhnow said he didn’t know it was going on but an email or two said he should have known. Regardless, he runs the baseball side so he’s a goner too.

This was player driven and because of their antics, their skipper and GM are gone. As a longtime season ticket holder and fan, I would appreciate if the players stepped forward and admitted their wrongdoing. All of us who support this team should be made aware of who were involved. We should not be made to wonder if it was Alex Bregman. Jose Altuve? #SpringerDinger?

Right now, Bregman, Altuve, #SpringerDinger, Carlos Correa and Yuli Gurriel are all cheaters.

Step forward, please!

There will certainly be less swagger and cockiness when Spring Training rolls around. They brought this on themselves.

HEB is probably rethinking how to move forward this season with their Astros ads.

Like it or not Astros fans, this is a stain that stain remover can’t touch. This is now part of our legacy. I will leave it to others to give it a cheesy name like Cheatgate or H-Towngate or Minute Maidgate. Someone will give us a gate. We earned the gate.

This was stupidity pure and simple. A ton of folks are going to think twice about wearing their Astros gear when they are out of town. It was cool a couple of days ago to do so, I don’t know about the foreseeable future.

Does this rise to the level of the Black Sox scandal? Pete Rose gambling on games? No, because no one has been banned from the game. But it is up there. Pretty stiff penalties. The Skipper and GM are both given a year ban then fired by the team owner. A $5 million fine and our top two draft choices this year and next year have been snatched from us.

The Texans owner and Head Coach were probably a bit happy that MLB dropped this on us yesterday. It took the limelight off their arse for choking away the game on Sunday.

At least the Astros owner was decisive. Can’t say that about the fella who runs the Texans.

I wonder what the team slogan and hashtag are going be this season?

A.J. Hinch as the Astros skipper was 481-329 in the regular season and 28-22 in the playoffs.

I forgot to mention. Mike Fiers is a rat.

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