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Just a Game

You know how far apart in dough the Astros and #SpringerDinger are in their contract negotiations?

A local sports reporter is coining something called Battered Houston Sport Fan Syndrome or something like that. That’s funny.

Saturday night at the wedding reception, when we heard that the Titans were beating the Ravens, we thought that if the Texans took care of business, we would host the AFC Championship game for the first time ever next Sunday. I was even angling for some suite tickets.

Yesterday, when we jumped out to the 24-point lead, I thought, what could go wrong? Everything.

I refuse to let the local pro sports teams dictate how I am going to feel this morning. It is just a game.

Last week was a great game. Yesterday’s wasn’t.

For a while, I thought those folks who run the team were actually smarter than the rest of us. They aren’t. They are keeping the coach. That’s it.

Commentary is rooting for the Packers and Titans next Sunday.

Congratulations to Margaret and Matt Luna. The wedding and all the related activities this weekend in Austin were great. Nice job.

Early voting in the #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection starts in 8 days. Election Day is in 15 days. We are running hard.

Sen. Cory Booker is out. I have mixed feelings. Sen. Booker, Sen. Kamala Harris and former Mayor Julian Castro are out. Sens. Booker and Harris didn’t even poll well with African American. Same with Mayor Castro with Latino voters.

Oh, well. There aren’t very many left that fit my criteria for president. I still don’t know who gets my vote.

The Astros are offering #SpringerDinger $17 million for this season. He wants $22 million.

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