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Margaret and Matthew

Margaret Cates and Matthew Luna are getting married tomorrow. Matt is the son of Julie and Al Luna. Julie and Al are among my closest and best friends. She is my Comadre and he is my Compadre. Way back in 1980, I was given by them the honor of serving as the Godfather to their first kid, daughter Lisette, for Lisette’s baptism. Lydia Evaro Madrigal is the Godmother. Lisette, early on, could never figure how to say the padrino word, so it has been Mino ever since.

Everyone knows that Al and I go to Astros games together when we can.

From 1999-2006, Al, Matt and I would go check out the Astros on the road for a series against teams with nice cribs. In this order we went to Wrigley, AT&T, Bank One now Chase, PNC, Old Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Safeco now T-Mobile, Camden Yard, and New Busch Stadium. My old pal Drayton would provide us with nice seats, often on the front row. Just us three non-stop talking baseball, movies, pop culture and history. We ran into Amish, visited the Warhol Museum, Babe Ruth’s home, the JFK Library and other cool places. Those were fun trips.

(Care to guess which Astros historical event we witnessed on one of our trips?)

I have only met Margaret one time. She is the daughter of Staley Cates and Elizabeth Cates. I have never met the parents.

The wedding is in Austin. Margaret and Matt went to UT-Austin.

Check out margaretandmatt2020.com if you don’t believe me.

Rehearsal dinner tonight at Olive and June. Welcome party later tonight at Cedar Door. Wedding ceremony at Central Christian Church on Guadalupe not Guadaloop. Black tie optional. Commentary is wearing a tux. Reception at ACL Live at the Moody Theater. After Party at 3TEN at ACL.

The Harris County Tejano Democrats had the opportunity to endorse Anna Eastman last night over her GOP opponent in the #TXHD148SpecialRunoffElection and they didn’t. They would not recognize Commentary to make a motion to suspend the rules and endorse Anna Eastman over a Republican. Can you believe that? What is up with that? The meeting last night was held smack dab in the middle of HD 148. What a shame, disappointment and embarrassment. This is definitely not a good look for this organization. A number of Dem elected officials and organizations have endorsed Anna. I am a longtime member of Tejanos and this is embarrassing.

Commentary got this email yesterday:

Come celebrate victory and help retire the debt!
Michael Kubosh
Houston City Council Member, At-Large 3

I went and checked his latest campaign report.

He has $276,000 in loans. That’s debt.

Royko responded to my I-45 expansion take with this:

One should “follow the money” on this type of situation.

But, I am not opposed to shutting down traffic on the Pierce elevated, as I fear the accumulated damage to the supports, caused by the underground stray current corrosion, created by the 3rd-world-class METRORail Danger Train over the past 17 years, likely has reached the point of catastrophic collapse of the decking that transports over 250,000 cars per day.

Got it.

Kim Kardashian let folks check out what’s in her fridge. She has Siete Foods tortillas. Now you know!

On June 11, 2003, Al, Matt and I were at Old Yankee Stadium when we no-hit them with six pitchers. Final score, 8 zip.

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