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Takeover Pause

Care to guess when we make our first appearance on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball?

Everyone can now take a deep breath. There is no TEA takeover of HISD for now. There is going to be a trial this summer to decide this.

The new HISD Board gets sworn-in next Thursday. At least they will get to serve for half a year or so. Stay tuned!

This email was in my inbox this morning:

Let’s talk:
TxDOT’s new I-45 expansion program will destroy 450 acres of urban assets; Why?

Governor Greg Abbott likes to talk s_it about a lot of stuff. Right now, he’s smacking at ATX on their homelessness issue. How come he don’t talk about all the private property that is going to be bulldozed for a few more lanes of freeway just east of Downtown H-Town?

There is a frontpage story in today’s Chron about H-Town leading the state in the gentrification of neighborhoods near Downtown. What else is new? Commentary likes to tell a story about a precinct near Downtown that was totally Latino voter in the 1970s and is now majority Anglo voter. I can only attest to what has happened in neighborhoods in the Northside and Second Ward.

As someone who reviews Harris County’s voting precinct results on a regular basis, you can see the effects of gentrification on voting patterns.

As much as we hailed the construction of The Yard in the eastern part of Downtown, it did contribute to residential growth just east of the freeway. It is a market thing.

We host the Yankees at 6 pm on Sunday, May 17 at The Yard for our first appearance on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball this season of course. The following Sunday evening, on May 24, we will play at Fenway for back-to-back appearances on Sunday Night Baseball.

Now you know!

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