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Sign Stealing

The sign stealing Commentary opposes is the political campaign yard sign stealing. Of course, if a campaign is stupid enough to put campaign signs in right-of-way, have at it. Private property is off limits. Yard signs cost about $3 a pop. No campaign sign stealing, please.

Sign stealing in baseball is another matter. Manager, coaches and catchers flash signs to pitchers, batters and catchers. It is all seen on the flat screen. We all see from the centerfield camera the catcher flashing a digit or two or three and so forth. The manager and third base coach tug on their ear, chin, nose, elbow and also so forth. Again, it is all seen on the flat screen.

Nowadays, all the MLB clubs have video teams to help let the skipper know when to call for a replay decision. It is only human that MLB clubs use video technology in other aspects of the game including figuring out the other team’s signs. I think it is kind of dumb that teams won’t try to figure out the other team’s signs. They have been trying since teams started using signs.

MLB is investigating the Astros for sign stealing during their 2017 championship season. Yesterday, The Athletic ran a story on the Red Sox stealing signs during their 2018 championship series. Now MLB will be investigating the Red Sox. Commentary doesn’t consider this a scandal of epic proportions. I just don’t. As long as you have humans flashing signs in front of thousands at stadiums and millions on TV, the other side is going to try to figure out what is being flashed.

This isn’t espionage of cold war proportions.  It’s a baseball game.

The Dodgers were runner ups both seasons and I still don’t want to hear Dodgers blues crap because they have one of the largest payrolls and TV markets.

You know what ought to be investigated by MLB? Why is it going to cost $15 for a cup of Saint Arnold this season?

Commentary is not going to weigh in on the Harris County Judge who didn’t pay the full amount of filing fee because a Dem Party worker told him to pay a lesser amount. I will say that I go check the filing fee sheet for all my candidates and know in advance the proper amount. We even fill out most of the filing application in advance and check and recheck and recheck again. Just saying.

What is it about the GOP and their desire of I-Wars? They led the effort 17 or so years ago to get us into Iraq and we are still in Iraq. They are now thirsting today to get into a war with Iran. Explain the end goal, please.

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