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On 1/2/20

Julian Castro is out. No se pudo.

Seven new members of the H-Town City Council will be sworn in today. They have their mugs on the City Council webpage this morning. Council Member Jerry Davis is still on the webpage, until further notice.

The Chron Sports Section had a story Tuesday on the Oilers’ playoffs collapse in Buffalo back in 1993. We blew a 35-3 lead and lost 41-38. It happened 27 years ago tomorrow. H-Town was stunned for like 24 hours. We were all walking around like zombies. I remember the coverage the next day and a news story had a reporter ask Mayor Bob Lanier for a comment and Sara Turner, his Press Secretary, said the Mayor was in shock and could not respond. That was funny.

We play Buffalo at NRG this Saturday.

Speaking of, Chron sports columnist Brian T. Smith had a column Tuesday on the Texans getting no respect from the NFL and TV gods. We got the Saturday afternoon slot for the first round of the NFL playoffs. That’s our slot. We’ve earned it. We own it. Since 2011, we have played in that slot six times now. It is the least watched slot.

The Astros kind of get the same level of respect from MLB and the TV gods. It is starting to get better for the Astros though. It helps if you win a World Series, go 7 games in another, and play in 3 straight ALCS series.

Start advancing, Texans.

Commentary is like most decent Americans wondering why the New York Times gives publicity to a war criminal’s new business venture. That’s fu_ked up!

My niece, Linda, was in town for my niece Cristina’s Catholic church wedding this past weekend. I sent Linda home with some handmade tamales from Alamo Tamale. She was happy.

I now have two Beatles 2020 wall calendars in my office. One has lyrics instead of photos. January is “Dear Prudence.” “The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you.”

I don’t think that ever made my Christmas card.

After every Christmas Day, I go and pick up on sale gift boxes, wrapping paper and gift tags for next year. I also get on sale Christmas candy like M&Ms and cordials. Mission accomplished!

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