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Bowl Games

Commentary remembers when the most meaningful college football bowl games used to be played on New Year’s Day. Not anymore.

A couple of the huge college football playoff bowl games were played this past Saturday on December 28. Why couldn’t they play them this Wednesday on New Year’s Day?

The Cotton Bowl was this past Saturday at 11 am. The Peach Bowl now made it to the big leagues and hosted a college playoff semi-finals game. The Fiesta Bowl also hosted a playoff game

The Orange Bowl is tonight, December 30.

The Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl are on New Year’s Day.

The Gator Bowl is the following day.

The bowl games started 10 days ago and 22 games have been played.

There are 18 bowl games between now and the college football playoff championship game, two weeks from tonight. Got it?

On “What’s Your Point” yesterday, panelist Tony Diaz said the H-Town Mayor had huge support from the Latino community in the recent runoff. I don’t know how Tony defines “huge support”? There were a number of hardcore Latino precincts and neighborhoods that supported the Buzbee fella. I have to give Tony Diaz a nope on this one.

This is from today’s Trib on the Michael Bloomberg campaign in Texas:

Carla Brailey, vice chair of the Texas Democratic Party, will serve as Bloomberg’s senior advisor.

Ms. Brailey came out in third place in the H-Town City Council District D race back on November 5.

The Chron E-Board today wraps up its takes on the TEA takeover of HISD.

For those looking forward to next year’s Christmas Day, it falls on a Friday. Now you know.

2020 is two days away.

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