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Friday Before Christmas

Commentary didn’t watch the debate last night out of protest.  When they put Sen. Cory Booker and former Mayor Julian Castro back on the stage I will start watching again.  Why do they hold a debate six days before Christmas Day anyway?

I still don’t understand the Mayor Pete thing.  I don’t understand all those folks having a big fundraiser for him in a wine storage cave.  Somebody will need to educate Commentary on the Mayor Pete  and wine cave thing.  Oh, well.

I am headed to the Harris County Ballot Board meeting this morning.  It ought to be interesting.

Do they still give kids chemistry sets for Christmas? I remember getting one as a kid.  It had these chemicals in vials and you would put them together and do experiments.

It is the Friday before Christmas and political campaigns have me way behind on my Christmas shopping.  At least folks these days are posting their gift wish list.  It makes things easier.



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