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Good Lesson

Commentary attended the Harris County Ballot Board meeting yesterday as a Poll Watcher. I have said it before. You always learn something new in this business. It is interesting how they deal with the provisional ballots and how they categorize them, accept and reject them. It is never too late to learn. It was a good lesson.

The Ballot Board will meet again tomorrow morning.

Royko sent me this yesterday prior to the historic impeachment vote:

The wild-eyed zealots in the House will have smashed Pandora’s Box, and we will see how it ends. The likely voter polls have all reversed on the issue, and the Media cabal that is controlling the Democrat party is sacrificing the Queen to try and capture the King, but will be Trumped by the legions of citizens labeled “Deplorables” by the ruling class elite.

I get it. Donald Trump still got impeached.

You have to love the move now being played by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She is going to hold on to the impeachment articles until she gets an idea how the U.S. Senate will proceed. Nice move.

When was the last time H-Town woke up to Christmas Day with snow on the ground and a few flakes still landing? 2004, of course. We even built a mini-snowman at my Mom and Dad’s.

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