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An Exercise in What

The Battle of the Bulge, or the Ardennes Counter Offensive, began 75 years ago today. My Dad was there. Whenever I ask him about it, the first thing he says is it was cold. Thanks, Dad!

What was that all about? Commentary is talking about the Buzbee fella plunking down $10 mil or so of his dough and winning 43% of the vote. I am sure he was serious. Nobody plunks down $10 mil or so of their own dough in a political campaign and not be serious, but Buzbee didn’t look serious.

That 43% is the folks who don’t like the current H-Town Mayor, folks who would never vote for the current Mayor because he’s a Dem, and Trump voters.

Buzbee could have shown he’s a grown-up by conceding. Everybody concedes and calls the victor. I was standing by Bill King when he made the call in 2015. Bill then went to the hotel ballroom to concede.

Buzbee instead goes home and then tweets yesterday morning from a private jet cabin that he’s taking some time off. Nice political visual if you want to try this again. Sure. This was an exercise in what?

I feel like we missed out on a contest this year.  Oh, well.

I will say this. Buzbee did win Denver Harbor, Mason Park, Magnolia Park, Pecan Park, and some far Northside precincts including North Lindale. Just saying. Refer to my second paragraph. They don’t like the Mayor.

Congrats to all the winners, including the H-Town Mayor.

A special shout out to my pal Monica Flores Richart for knocking off the homophobe in the HCC race that I had a vote in.

Congrats to my good friend H-Town Council Member Karla Cisneros and her 12- vote win. I’d rather be up 12 than down 12. Our opponent, Isabel Longoria, has not conceded and is waiting for all votes to be counted and the official canvass before deciding next steps. I totally get that.

District H had a close one before. A client of mine missed the runoff by one vote back in 1993. That was back in the hanging chad days. You got it. Every vote counts.

Here is what Kuffer said this morning on the District H race:

You can see the election night returns here, and Longoria’s press release here. I expect two things to happen: One, for Longoria to ask for a recount. She has every right to do this, and there’s no good reason not to do it. This was a super close race, and everything should be double-checked according to the rules. And two, I expect the recount will make no difference. They almost never do. There just aren’t that many overseas and military ballots, and there were never that many provisional ballots that ultimately counted. By all means, go through the process, but keep your expectations about what will happen as a result modest.

Here is all of Kuffer:

District H status

Here is from the Chron on the District H race:

(Harris County Clerk Diane) Trautman’s office can receive overseas and military ballots up to six days after an election, said Teneshia Hudspeth, a Harris County Clerk’s Office spokesperson. They do not know how many provisional ballots were cast.

It has no way of identifying if any of those ballots cast a vote for District H until the election canvass, Hudspeth said.

For now, Cisneros said she has “appeared” to have won based on unofficial election results.

Here is all of the Chron article: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/District-H-contender-Longoria-yet-to-concede-in-14907907.php.

Commentary spent six hours yesterday gathering Karla’s signs from the polling places. I have to give props to the other campaigns who did the same yesterday.

The Harris County Clerk’s final update wasn’t released – eighteen voting locations – until 1 am yesterday morning because two voting locations had not yet arrived. Where were they? Of course, why didn’t they release the sixteen that they had? Oh, well.

Another Commentary favorite Christmas tune is “O Holy Night.” Care to guess what language it was first written? French of course. It debuted in 1847 in France by Adolphe Adam. Now you know and now the stars are brightly shining

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