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Filing Deadline

This past Saturday was December 7. On that day 78 years ago, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Yesterday, 39 years ago, John Lennon was murdered.

I wore my John Lennon t-shirt yesterday.

Today is the last day to file for office in the March 3, 2020 party primaries.

Our Harris County Dem District Attorney Kim Ogg wants Harris County Commissioners Court to budget her more prosecutors. A number of grass roots Dem related groups are opposed to the increase. The DA faces a few opponents in the March 3, 2020 Dem Primary. If Kim wins outright on March 3, give her the GD prosecutors and shut the F up.

Commentary lives in H-Town City Council District C. On Saturday, I got a mailer from District C candidate Abbie Kamin attacking her opponent, Shelley Kennedy. The mailer accused Shelley of supporting H-Town City Hall initiatives that would bust the budget. What’s up with that? Of course, to make negative mail work against Shelley, Kamin better drop at least three more pieces before this Saturday, Election Day.

Another GOP official in Texas is dealing with being called out for being a racist. This time it is the GOP Galveston County Chair who texted a short version of the N-word. Last week it was a GOP State Rep. from Fort Bend County. Here is the deal. They get it from the top, Donald Trump. They see where Trump gets way with being a racist, white supremacist and liar, and no one from the GOP calling him out. They think they can get away with being a racist. The hypocrisy of it all is shameful.

Commentary was watching “What’s Your Point” yesterday morning and my pal H-Town Council Member David Robinson was on and he referred to the Firefighters pay raise as proposed. Uh, I think it was more than proposed. It was voter approved.

We lost award winning actor Ron Leibman this past weekend. He won a Tony for playing Roy Cohn in Broadway’s “Angels in America.” I liked him in “Slaughterhouse-Five.” I also liked him as Esteban in “Zorro, the Gay Blade.”

I am up to 7 Christmas cable flicks, but one was a repeat from a few years ago.

The Christmas Day grub at my Dad’s includes ham, turkey, tamales, beans, rice, tortillas, guacamole, Siete chips, an assortment of cheeses, beer, wine, pies, and cookies. We have never had figgy pudding, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or corn for popping.

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