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The Three Sign Rule

Four days remain to file for office in the party primaries here in Texas. There really have not been any filing surprises that have folks talking. It looks like some local Dem legislators in solid blue districts will have GOP opponents.

U.S. House Speaker took down a reporter yesterday. It was a classic takedown.

Royko sent me this yesterday on my impeachment mention:

Well Okay! The Dems have formed a circular firing squad, lead by AOC.

Trump approval with likely voters was just reported by Rasmussen at 52%, and even the MS News poll of mostly lefties on Monday had Trump approval at 45%.

The swing states are opposed to the sham impeachment, and I hope the November 2020 trouncing will be so great, they will remain the minority party for the next few decades, or longer.

That’s bold talk.

Someone needs to tell Governor Greg Abbott that same sex marriage is the law of the land. Someone needs to tell his staff that the oath of office in the state of Texas doesn’t make reference to serving the Governor.

The owners of the Bingo Lodge Early Voting Location made the decision that candidates can only have three signs each as you approach the parking lot entrance.  I didn’t know they had that kind of authority.

The Astros traded Jake Marisnick to the Mets yesterday. He was our best defensive outfielder and probably the best in MLB. Our outfield will probably give up five or so more doubles or triples next season that we wouldn’t give up if he was still in our outfield. Just saying.

Jake and the Mets visit The Yard the third week of the season, April 7 and 8.

The “Today” show has a list of the top 75 Christmas flicks here:

Some on the list are from the flat screen. “Serendipity” made the list. Cool.

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