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Scarecrow Packing

In all these years, and I mean decades, I have never had a discussion about it. In “The Wizard of Oz”, when Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion set out to get the Wicked Witch’s broom, the Cowardly Lion has a butterfly net, the Tin Man has a wrench and the Scarecrow a revolver. Who in the heck gave him a gun in Emerald City? Why does the Tin Man need a wrench if he has an axe? Oh, well.

The Chron E-Board published their endorsements for the runoffs today and here are a couple:

Cisneros for Houston City Council District H. Karla Cisneros wins our support for another term on the Council. She has used her first term to advocate for education, call attention to poverty and address the problem of stray animals and pet overpopulation, all issues that many of her constituents grapple with every day. She has earned the right to continue to fight on their behalf. If she is re-elected, she hopes to be a strong voice against the Interstate 45 project as it’s currently proposed. No other district is as affected by the highway expansion, so its representative must be an active force in working to minimize any adverse effects as the project moves forward.

Sandra Rodriguez for Houston City Council District J. Sandra Rodriguez works in the city Health Department’s Bureau of Youth and Adolescent Health, has lived in Gulfton since she was 6 and currently is president of the Gulfton Super Neighborhood Council. Rodriguez, who says she once witnessed a drive-by shooting, also worked in the Mayor’s Anti-Gang Office. She told the editorial board she wants to improve the relationship between District J residents and law enforcement because too many crimes go unreported.

That’s often a reflection of the language barriers faced by the district’s large immigrant population, Rodriguez said. “Since I’m the oldest in my family, I have always been there to translate, to complete forms, and I think that’s what makes me so passionate now,” she said. “I have experienced the discrimination from different providers as we would seek services.”

Her experience and her perspective would serve Houston and District J well.

I got visited yesterday (Sunday) morning, around 10:20 am, by a Tony Buzbee campaign block walker. Kind of early for a Sunday morning.

I am not going to spend a whole lot of time on the fake slate candidate cards or the paid slate candidate cards. There is no way to enforce this stuff.  I don’t think it is illegal.  You either have ethics or you don’t. Plain and simple.

This tune won a Best Song Oscar in 1949 and you usually hear it during the Christmas season even though it doesn’t mention Christmas. It has been covered many, many times and usually by a female and male duet.

You got it. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” won the Best Song Oscar in 1949 for the “Neptune’s Daughter” flick. Now you know.

I like the Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé and Sara Bareilles and Seth MacFarlane versions, among others.

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