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Thanksgiving Day

The drive to Porter was OK. I listened to The Carpenters’ “Christmas Portrait” album on the way over and back. Thanksgiving Day Dinner was yummy. We also talked about Cristina and Alex having a church wedding next month. Cool.

Day 1 of Runoff Early Voting in Person is in the books and only 159 mail ballots are in. That is compared to 18,138 mail ballots that were reported on Day 1 of the 2015 Runoff Early Voting in Person. Not to worry. In 2015, the General Election was held on November 3 with Day 1 of Runoff Early Voting in Person beginning on December 2, nearly a month later. This year, the General Election was held on November 5 with Day 1 of Runoff Early Voting in Person beginning on November 27, just a day over three weeks later. 28,586 ballots have been mailed. Have patience.

What a difference an election makes. The Tony Buzbee campaign is certainly not as robust as it was in Round 1.

I didn’t watch the college game on ESPN last night. I watched “The Wizard of Oz” on TBS. I did watch the highlights of the game where the receiver went doggie on a fire hydrant after a TD catch. I get that he gets the 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration. Any harsher penalty is uncalled for because it was the funniest TD celebration. Just saying.

When I was a school age kid, CBS would air “The Wizard of Oz” on a Sunday evening once a year usually after “The Ed Sullivan Show.” We would all gather around the TV and watch. It was the coolest when we finally got our first color TV. I would never miss it. Now I see it an average of twice a year, plus I have seen it four times at a movie theater. I am always picking up something new most times I see it. This time, when the Wizard instructs Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion to bring back the Wicked Witch’s broom, the Lion says, “what if she kills us first?”

Best Christmas Song from a movie has to go to “White Christmas” from “Holiday Inn.” It won a Best Song Oscar.

George Harrison left us 18 years ago today. Now would be a nice time to hear “Wah Wah.”

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