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I know you are dying for an update on the #TXHD148SpecialElectionRunoff, so here goes.

The votes will be canvassed today by Harris County. The Governor will canvass the votes tomorrow, then I guess he will call a runoff date. Commentary is guessing it won’t be on December 14, but sometime in January.

There are two individuals still in the race. Democrat Anna Eastman and GOPer Luis La Rotta. La Rotta has the endorsement of the Harris County Republican Party and Governor Greg Abbott.  Anna has the support of a number of Democratic Party state legislators, leading Democrats, and the Houston GLBT Political Caucus.  Anna was also endorsed by the Houston Chronicle.

There were 12 Democrats running. Of the 11 who did not make the runoff, 2 have endorsed Anna Eastman. Another gave her a 62 score rating in the just completed Houston GLBT Political Caucus endorsement process. Anna personally met with another candidate who is still considering running in the 2020 Dem Primary. Another called and left a message of congratulations. The best we can tell, 4 of the Dems who didn’t make the runoff are still considering running in the upcoming Dem Primary.

Harris County Tejano Democrats met last night and because of the rules, could not consider an endorsement for Anna. If there is a January runoff, they will go through a screening process. That’s good.

If the runoff is called for January, Anna Eastman would be running simultaneous campaigns of sort. A runoff election and a Dem Primary race.  Early Voting in Person in the Dem Primary would start a couple of weeks or so after the runoff.  It is a challenge.

In looking at the precinct by precinct returns, Anna certainly ran very strong in certain precincts and had support pretty much throughout the district.

That’s my take.

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